Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VIDEO of Deerfield Beach BSO Chief Pete Sudler Accusing Blogger of Trying to Incite Race War in Case of Thetus Fleming Jr.

Listen to the tirade by BSO Chief Sudler as he condemns this blog for trying to turn the Thetus Fleming Jr. case into a racial issue.  Listen as the woman at a 6:51 yells its "disgusting".  She continued with another racial epithet after that is not heard on the tape, but those in the audience did hear.  Although, I have heard from Ben Preston and his crew and they did not hear it...FUNNY!!!

BSO Chief Pete Sudler at the 4/3/2012 City Commission Meeting Condemning this blog
Chaz Stevens removed his original upload of this video on 4/9/12...and I re-uploaded it!!!

What do you think..go back and read the post from Feb 18, 2012 and do you get the feeling that I am trying to make this a racial issue...or am I just pointing out the disparity of information in our community as well as interest that has lead us to the moment.

It took over a month and a half for it to even be brought up a City Commission Meeting, so you tell me...

Planned and rehearsed...this Commission and the City Manager need an award fov AWESOME direction in a scene at a public hearing.

I'm done with it!!!

He can say what he will but the facts can not be disputed...what I have put out there.

If I am ignorant for doing what others refused to do..then so be it.  Hopefully, I won't be tazed for my that other blogger suggested and requested.

Please note that Ben Preston and Sudler met with the victim's mother on 4/2/12 following my email to Ben at the end of March inquiring why he had not reached out to his constituent.

Why is Sudler quoting possibles timeframes, methods, and procedures which do not hold up when you read the news and see almost all hit and runs where the driver is known they are usually arrested immediately and charged...verifiable in the news.

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