Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Has Chaz Stevens Removed Several Post About Me and My Perspective...

I wonder why Chaz Stevens on his MAOS site formerly The Broward Post, have taken down his negative and derogatory post about me.  Some which could probably actually be considered threats against me, thveats of physical violence.  This is the same guy who LIED and stated that I tried to kill his dog and people threatened violence against him.  PAAALEASE!!!

DUDE is a straight up Liar!!! And now he has erased most of the proof of those lies, so that it would take another computer guy to find them in the ether of the blogosphere. 

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Actually, he has completely wiped out almost all of his previous post dealing with me.  It would seem that all the links that I have in my post about his blog lead to nowhere as he has completely eviscerated those post from the blogosphere.  He even removed the video he created of Chief Sudler from the last City Commission Meeting...thankfully I had it and so I re-uploaded it to YouTube and re-embedded it in the appropriate post.

Now one has to question, WHY would a supposed journalist and investigative reporter and self proclaimed SOCIOPATH (OOPS!) I mean Genius remove the post.  

One can only assume that he realized that the claims, accusations, lies, epithets, basically every other word proved that he is a SOCIOPATH and Liar.

I wonder what else has he been lying about.  If he could lie about little ol me, then what else is lying about.


I also haven't heard from Chief Pete Sudler, Ben Preston, or City Manager Burgess Hanson since Tuesday...

Maybe, I should post the last three email conversations between myself and each of them respectively and then maybe I will get a response.

Like it was clearly stated in my post "Something Wicked"...I am through playing by the rules of someone else's game.

So maybe I will post you can see the type of people we are truly dealing with...since they want to LIE about me and disparage my name...maybe I will put the truth of them on display right here...

Hell, they allow Chaz Stevens to wield his pen and defame whoever, as long as it benefits them.

I remember last year when he actually posted letters from then Deerfield Beach Fire Chief Chad Brocato discussing me on his blog...which indicates to me that he has full working relationship with not only the City of Deerfield Beach Commission, Management, and staff, but others as well.

I wonder if I should even be going down this rabbit know what killed the cat!!!

With Chief Sudler, indicating that I insulted everyone in uniform...I don't take anything for granted anymore.

My safety is paramount to me and whereas I sincerely hope that a BSO Official was not trying to incite violence against me by his public and recorded statements...but one can never tell these days and so I will be extra careful.  

Now that is an actual accusation worth a City Commission appearance, which I support as I am the one who has been living in fear since Tuesday after he said it.  So screw anybody who thinks otherwise...I am not naive nor am I stupid!!!
Even though I have not now nor have I ever had any intentions on starting a race war and I don't even know where Sudler came up with that beauty, but if I could could get some relief and go back to my regular sleeping patterns, not becoming secluded in my house or other locations and being paranoid about everything...I would do the "WICKED" thing and just apologize as Glinda suggest.

I don't think it will help the anxiety that I feel, an anxiety that I have never felt in my thirty-two years.  I have even gone so far as to delete friends of mine who work for BSO off of FaceBook page., just so they don't know where I am and what I have been doing so they could pinpoint my location..I hope I got them all!!!

That's no exaggeration!!!

Although, I am scared, I still have to speak my truths and get the truth out there.  

Who knew the truth could be so dangerous...

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