Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kessler, Not Chaz Stevens Brings Down Sylvia Poitier????

Ummm, excuse me, but I may be wrong...Chaz Stevens bragged about filing the 25+ complaints that brought down Poitier.  Now, he is saying the credit goes to Kessler.  WOW!!!  Can you show me where Kessler filed 25+ complaints againts Poitier and can you show me which of Kessler's complaints lead to the 5 misdemeanor charges that were filed which Governor Scott then removed her for...Looks, like a $100,000 of wasted tax payer dollars.  You can't justify it, you can't morph the facts, and you can't mute the truth...Kessler came in to Deerfield Beach with an agenda.  How else do you explain how his voluminous report left out information vital that was included in the HUD OIG report, unless it was intentional and that very intention is why the HUD OIG report is still not available on the City of Deerfield Beach's website...make's you think, huh!  The City is trying to get all the bang for the buck, so they are advertising the heck out of Kessler, which came to conclusion that they wanted from the specific information they gave them (check the Kesslereport it tells you it was Limited investigation).  So, to Chaz I have to say which is it.  Did you devote all your time and money for over three year as you have previously mentioned at every opening of your piehole to bringing down Poitier or did the $100,000 report by Kessler do it.  Only one fo you can take credit, so which is it, huh?

The wishful thinking of Chaz Stevens...You just have to laugh. Sometimes, I don't know rather to spit on him, pity him, laugh at him, or just plan SMH at him...

Like I said before, Chaz is skilled in the art of propaganda, just like Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Ministry of Propaganda fame. 

Oh and apparently, he's hiring and the client has deep pockets...I wonder what new political dirtbag or Forensic auditing firm has hired Chaz to use his propaganda machine to their benefit...  I am sure we will know soon enough

BSO National Night Out!! August 2,2011

I hope everyone comes out...Also this would be a good opportunity to garner more signatures for the rescind the utility tax petition.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Untitled 5

Has anyone else noticed that Terry Scott is still walking around with an Ipad.  Maybe, the Apple Company in CyberLand only made 5 of them and only issued them to the City of Deerfield Beach.

Now, I am no friend of Terry Scott, but since I was the one who returned Sylvia's phone, Ipad, the City I thought it only fair that I clue you all in on the false propaganda that Mr. Goebbels is over in CyberLand  spewing.

Actually, that Ipad that Terry had during the campaign, had a huge picture of himself as the screensaver.  I don't think Sylvia would've liked it much if he did that to her stuff.

So, it's obvious that Joseph has run out of stuff to talk about that he is bringing back old lies to fill the pages of his propaganda machine.

Also, Joseph, blocking me from your site doesn't stop you from hearing me bitching and moaning, it only stops me from reading your lies.  If you are so sick, you should stop stressing yourself out reading my blog...and then maybe you'll concentrate on actually ridding Deerfield of the people involved in the real corruption in CyberLand, The Noland/Ganz/Hanson regime.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deerfield Beach "Freedom" I'm Gon Stand... (This post took on a life of its own, so bare with it because I decided not to fix it or edit it)

Thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and passions can sometimes be best expressed through song.  

If you know me then you know that I utilize music to sometimes express myself because like it is said in the opening of William Congreve`s play `The Mourning Bride:

Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd,
By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.
What then am I? Am I more senseless grown
Than Trees, or Flint? O force of constant Woe!
'Tis not in Harmony to calm my Griefs.
Anselmo sleeps, and is at Peace; last Night
The silent Tomb receiv'd the good Old King;
He and his Sorrows now are safely lodg'd
Within its cold, but hospitable Bosom.
Why am not I at Peace?

With that said, I would like everyone to listen to the words of this song.

I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing.  I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation.  I believe that there will be that kind of CLASH, but I don`t think it will be based on the color of the skin...Malcolm X (1965)

I already know that from this some will call me a racist, which couldn't be further from the truth because I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to get to know and befriend many people of many different races, religions, creeds, orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. So, I learned at a very early age to judge people by their conscience behavior, not their skin color.  So to reiterate, I am not against anyone based on the color of the skin.  What I am is against every form of racism and segregation every form of discrimination.  I believe in human beings and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of color.  Honestly, I had no idea that Malcolm X, who this is paraphrased from, summed up the plight of the world and the masses after he left the Nation of Islam and started the Organization of Afro-American Unity.  While writing this particular peace, which I initially intended this post just because I wanted people to hear the above song and realize the truth in its words, I found all these interesting facts and quotes about and by Malcolm X and this post has morphed, but I am sure you can tell that.  

Many people in my own community quote MLK and leave it at that, heck I was one of them because I thought he had the right idea.  But, in my YOUTUBE search today, I found that many of the ideas that I have and I believe  about how to make the black community better and Deerfield Beach/America bettewas shared already by Malcolm X.  

Before anyone gets it twisted and I can already heathe propaganda machine under the helm of Chaz Stevens is already gearing up, I want to point out that Malcolm X, did have a militant side, which is the side that I knew of and surprisingly even after watching the movie, so brilliantly played by Denzel Washington which did show the conversion of Malcolm to understand that the only race that matters is the human race and the only religion that matters is the one that's about love and freedom.

Now, I am not a Muslim and in fact, I don't identify with any organized religion and don't prescribe to many of the tenets of most religious institutions.  The point I am trying to make is back in 60's Malcolm was preaching to the black community and speaking to American society about the need for the black community to wake up, clean up, and stand up, which is the same thing that I have been saying, except he says it more eloquently.  He talks about the need for people in general to be able to have a conversation with each other without fear of hurting the others feelings, so that true open and honest dialogue can occur and the real ills can be put on the table, instead of just swept under the rug.  Once that happens, once we truly and fully acknowledge our past and present, then we can work foreal change for all of our futures.

Malcolm talked about religious sincerity that causes people to block out the truth because of their belief and confidence in what they've been taught to be true divinity.  He was right, not only in the Nation of Islam community, but in the black community in general.

I suggest that everyone go back and re-think what they believe they know and question your teachings, so a true understanding or awakening can begin.  We are all humans and should not hate one another just because of the melanin content of our skin or the new "ism"-Taxism, where you hate someone or think they are inferior because of the amount of taxes they pay or don't pay...Either way both trains of thought will only lead to our downfall as a society.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chaz Stevens: The Joseph Goebbels of the City of Deerfield Beach Department of Propaganda and His Flawed "Genius" Logic

Please go and read Joseph Goebbels, OOPS, I meant Chaz Stevens blog post in "retaliation" for my post entitled "Suspended Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, Sylvia Poitier: 4 of 5 Charges May be Meritless", where I posted about the meritless charges filed by the SAO against suspended Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and the blatant waste of taxpayer dollars in indicting a politician on frivolous charges, which can be read here.  

In Goebbel's. "Heaven's to Megatrode",  I did it again. I meant Steven's post, which can be viewed here.  He insinuates that somehow, although the WDBA did not meet any of the terms of the Deed of Trust with Lionel Ferguson to pay him back monthly payments of $977.89 of which the first payment was to be made on  April 1, 2006, this somehow proves that a conflict of interest according to the law exist and a Sylvia Poitier and/or Lionel Fergusan stood to have a "Special Gain/Loss" and/or a "Special Pecuniary Interest" in seeing the viability and financial health of the WBDA.  

Poppycock, my boy, poppycock.  Pure propaganda and lies derived from the mind of the Minister of Propaganda himself, Joseph Goebbels.  Jinky's, I can't seem to remember that it's Chaz Stevens, Manager CODB Department of Propaganda, with direct oversight by Bill Ganz and Burgess Hanson.

You tell me...if you stood to have a special gain/loss by the re-payment of a loan to your brother wouldn't the first thing you do is make sure that the loan was re-paid.  In this case,  you had over 4 years of votes to achieve this and yet nary one dime, not a single cent was ever attempted to be paid back and that has been proving beyond a reasonable doubt, as noted by Chaz himself and is also the reason why she was only charged with misdemeanors and not felonies.

Everyone wants to believe the propaganda about politicians, but not all of them are Peggy Noland.  Whose family and friends get preferential treatment in hiring and legal matters, which I noted in a blog post which can be read here.  Also, speaking of "Conflict of Interest", the Mayor, Peggy Noland's husband Thomas is a FireFighter and she has been basically making a Commissioner or Mayor's salary of about $25,000 to upwards of $40,000, not including benefits and pension.  He was the major bread winner, how can anyone tell me that voting on issues that concern a possible "GAIN/LOSS" of your husband's salary, when he is the major bread winner.  Then not only that your son is also included in that equation, as well as votes to increase the salary of City employees because her daughter also works for the City.  Someone please explain to me how this has not been investigated and brought before the Mr. Satz at the SAO for prosecution. 

Has a deal been made because she is "playing ball?"  Was the same deal offered to Poitier and she refused and so here we are...?

How can anyone aftereading all of the articles about the City of Deerfield Beach's Mayor, Peggy Noland, and her exploits over the last 20 years have guessed that we would today be discussing the trial of Sylvia Poitier fothe possible Conflict of interest because of a possible "Special Gain/Loss" or possible "Special Pecuniary Interest" regarding a loan that was never attempted to be paid back.  

Come on, I didn't realize that I passed a sign on I-95 that read:

Boca Raton         3/4 miles  
CyberLand      5 miles    WheRe DemocRacy takes a backseat to $$$
Pompano Beach   7 miles

Get with it, folks!  The whole City is screwed up and it's mainly the part of greedy and selfish politicians and apathetic citizens who just don't care enough to read between the lines, becoming informed, asking questions, fully participating, and getting out to vote.  Again, this is not just a District 2 thing, it's a problem in all the Districts.  So we need to wake up and do better if we plan to fix it.

Also for those Cyberland residents that have the audacity to think that taxpayers only consist of people who own real estate and are currently working.  You are seriously twisted!   

Wiki-pedia breaks it down for the resident "Genius" of the Cyberland.
Taxes are sometimes referred to as "direct taxes" or "indirect taxes". The meaning of these terms can vary in different contexts, which can sometimes lead to confusion. An economic definition, by Atkinson, states that " taxes may be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the taxpayer, whereas indirect taxes are levied on transactions irrespective of the circumstances of buyer or seller."[8] According to this definition, for example, income tax is "direct", and sales tax is "indirect". In law, the terms may have different meanings. In U.S. constitutional law, for instance, direct taxes refer to poll taxes and property taxes, which are based on simple existence or ownership. Indirect taxes are imposed on events, rights, privileges, and activities. Thus, a tax on the sale of property would be considered an indirect tax, whereas the tax on simply owning the property itself would be a direct tax.

For the citizens that do not have their heads stuck in the CyberLand this would indicate that every item of clothing, car(s), gas, food, utility payments to private vendor's such as FPL, movie tickets that are purchased, contributes to the  tax base and therefore if you have ever purchased almost anything in the USA or it's territories you are a taxpayer, which is defined as an individual or entity that a state or government levy's or imposes a financial charge that if not paid is punishable by law.  If I attempt to pay for a dining experience less the taxes, then presumably by law the restaurant can sue me in a civil case for failure to pay a contracted debt, which nonetheless is a penalty and therefore makes me and almost everyone else a taxpayer who pay mostly indirect taxes, like many American seniors who do not own property and are scrapping by on Social Security.

Deerfield Beach, it's time to get with the program and WAKE UP! and realize that not one of us is living the American Dream, not even those who believe themselves to be better off than the rest.  You should be cautious to remember that the way you view over 43 million American's who live in poverty ,according to the Census Bureau, is most likely the same way you are viewed by another group, unless you are in the top 1% of the countries wealthy.  So be careful when you begin to pointing your finger because there will always be three pointing back at you.  NOW WAKE UP!!!

I guess I was wrong.  Chaz and I are total opposites, he calls me a pedophile and he re-routes people IP addresses that he doesn't like to, a site which shows three elderly men performing fellatio on each other. He's blocked me, AGAIN. 

Who's the SICKO between the two of us????

Oh, your logic is flawed because if I was a paid spokesmodel for Poitier, than I would be paying more of the "direct tax", known as income tax making me a little closer to your kind of taxpayer, I guess.

Oh, you are asking about you go watch this to find out.

City of Deerfield Beach Establishes Department of Propaganda with Chaz Stevens at the Helm

Is anyone else concerned that Kessler, who not only has been instrumental in pointing out possible wrong doing in the City of Deerfield Beach, but also has been instrumental in bringing a new degree of fame and notoriety to Chaz Stevens and vice-a-versa, a limited internal control review of specific departments, people, and grant recipients but actually found no wrong doing by the City.  Now when I say "no wrong doing by the City" I am talking specifically on the $142,248.00 that the HUD OIG report (which mysteriously is not available olisted on the City's website, but Kessler's is) determined was misappropriated because the CITY paid employee salaries with HUD federal dollars without proper documentation to show that the monies were spent for the administration of that program.  The OIG HUD report indicated that the City had to either provide the necessary documentation to justify that expenditure oreturn the funds to HUD.  The City used that amount to basically double the touted figure that Sylvia Poitier cost the City, when Sylvia Poitier had nothing to do with that portion of the reimbursement to HUD, but let Chaz and his buddies at the City tell it, she was.  

Let me ask you, did you ever hear oread about Burgess Hanson, Peggy Noland, or any of the others admit that because the City Management failed to properly document the salary allocation of Federal funds it was responsible for ove36% of the HUD reimbursement. 

I have a theory, the reason you didn't hear about it because the City didn't want you to know.  It wanted you focused primarily on Poitier, the Mango Festival, and other District 2 institutions, while hiding the blatant corruption in the City itself.  

You have to wonder, who selected those specific departments, grant recipients, and people to have Kessler "forensically" audit and determine wrong doing and yet within that same review not one mention of the fact that The City did not properly document the salary allocation of the employees connected to the administration of Federal funds.  Yet, it boastfully and repeatedly explained to us that Sylvia Poitier was somehow responsible for costing the City $395,288.00 due to a possible conflict of interest involving her brother loaned the WDBA (CHDO for the City of Deerfield Beach) money 6-7 years ago and grant funds were awarded (that she did or didn't vote on) that could possibly, maybe, if you closed your eyes, spent around, while an American Bald Eagle flew over head with one of those long tailed iguanas that have overun South Florida in it's mouthand the Sun was at its highest point would have made it possible for the WDBA to pay her brother back because he was one of many creditors of the organization.  Prior to filing charges they had already established that Lionel, Sylvia's brother, has, so if the conditions where right, yes I guess it could have been possible.  The point of the matter is that it just didn't happen.  In this political climate with real tangible corruption in the City of Deerfield and on the horizon at every Commission meeting, every close door meeting, every staff and employee meeting, and every audit by Kessler. that we purchase (cause it ain't free)..why is our local government(s) consistently wasting our tax payer dollars on this frivolity, especially since all of them are claiming to be broke.  Maybe taxpayers would feel better if the SAO actually caught, charged, prosecuted, and won more cases where actual funds were lost, maybe then the actual crooks would be scared, instead of continuing to create policies that continually and perpetually benefit only a select few, while spending the monies of "ALL".

Wait hold up, so you are telling me that they had already established no monies ever exchanged hands, so Sylvia was not suspended and arrested for stealing money oreceiving ill gotten gains (or like the State calls it "Special Gains", but hasn't defined it.  So, a prudent and reasonable person, like myself, has to guess at it's meaning.) like the City and Chaz Stevens would have us believe.

That's right! Chaz Stevens, with his platinum blonde hair seems to be taking pages directly from "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler and has become the modern-day Joseph Goebbels.  The City of Deerfield Beach and other entities have taken notice and utilized some of the techniques employed by the Nazi Leader and his Ministry of Propaganda to separate us as residents of Deerfield Beach, so we are more easily controlled, manipulated, and then dominated.  Did you see how well it worked in the imposition of the 10% Utility Tax and more recently at Constitution Park...(See the editorial posted July 21, 2011 by Steve Krevoy in Deerfield Beach`s Observerright under an almost full page opinion (I believe the very first of it`s length in Observer historyby, none other than, Chaz Stevens.)  Read IT and Question Everything!

That is actually the point of this entire post, Read and Question Everything!!!  
Just like everything that glitters isn`t gold, everything you read is not matter how much someone stresses it.  By reading and questioning you prepare yourself to swim through the ocean of lies and propaganda that we are wade through everyday.  

Remembering and utilizing the statement Read and Question Everything, is the emergency flotation device that will keep you from drowning in the lies and propaganda of politics, religion, and life in general. 

I am not a "Conspiracy theorist" ,as some may have you believe after this hits the blogosphere, but I have seen enough in my short thirty-one years to know to only trust information that you have verified yourself, because only you can be trusted to do what's in your own best interest and even then we as humans fall short.