Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kessler, Not Chaz Stevens Brings Down Sylvia Poitier????

Ummm, excuse me, but I may be wrong...Chaz Stevens bragged about filing the 25+ complaints that brought down Poitier.  Now, he is saying the credit goes to Kessler.  WOW!!!  Can you show me where Kessler filed 25+ complaints againts Poitier and can you show me which of Kessler's complaints lead to the 5 misdemeanor charges that were filed which Governor Scott then removed her for...Looks, like a $100,000 of wasted tax payer dollars.  You can't justify it, you can't morph the facts, and you can't mute the truth...Kessler came in to Deerfield Beach with an agenda.  How else do you explain how his voluminous report left out information vital that was included in the HUD OIG report, unless it was intentional and that very intention is why the HUD OIG report is still not available on the City of Deerfield Beach's website...make's you think, huh!  The City is trying to get all the bang for the buck, so they are advertising the heck out of Kessler, which came to conclusion that they wanted from the specific information they gave them (check the Kesslereport it tells you it was Limited investigation).  So, to Chaz I have to say which is it.  Did you devote all your time and money for over three year as you have previously mentioned at every opening of your piehole to bringing down Poitier or did the $100,000 report by Kessler do it.  Only one fo you can take credit, so which is it, huh?

The wishful thinking of Chaz Stevens...You just have to laugh. Sometimes, I don't know rather to spit on him, pity him, laugh at him, or just plan SMH at him...

Like I said before, Chaz is skilled in the art of propaganda, just like Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Ministry of Propaganda fame. 

Oh and apparently, he's hiring and the client has deep pockets...I wonder what new political dirtbag or Forensic auditing firm has hired Chaz to use his propaganda machine to their benefit...  I am sure we will know soon enough

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