Friday, June 3, 2011

Deerfield Beach, Can We Afford the Ganz/Hanson Plan???

Ok, it looks like I was wrong.  The City did provide us with its plan for the $6,000,000.00 it estimates it will make from the 10% Utility Tax.  I guess that was the only thing they researched.  How to spend the money!  I dub this the Ganz/Hanson Plan.  

It would seem that in an attempt to gain support the City took to the streets last night at Constitution Park.  Bob Harbin, Parks Director.  I am not sure if Burgess Hanson, City Mis-manager or Bill Ganz was there, but apparently it was tauted as a meeting about the Utility Tax before the Deerfield Beach little league baseball game.  I can just imagine how they sold this to the those very eager residents out there.  More fields, more parks, more, more, more...when all we will really get is more of the same.  

Question...Does anyone remember that roller rink and playground that was built at Pioneer Park.  Well, The roller rink was has been torn down and that playground has been closed longer than it was open.  Wasted money.  When they re-did West Park, it was promised then that they would rebuild the baseball field in the back part of the park, well they didn't do it.  It was on the blueprints, as verified by people in the know and yet it never materialized.  

How about the larger fields at Pioneer Park, what happened there?  

Now, you want to bleed the already scrapped residents of Deerfield Beach by imposing this tax and then exclaiming that somehow everyone is not paying their fair share.

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Well, this tax would mean for many (low and fixed income residents) the choice between lights for the kids at home or lights for their kids on some new fancy park, that we didn't need anyway.

These Commissioners have gone crazy with the check book and have even gone out and voted to give themselves American Express credit cards.  How many of us, when seriously scrapped for cash go out and apply for credit cards.  Geez, I swear Suzie Ormond needs to come to town.  The imposers of this tax will not be affected by it, they don't pay for their healthcare, we the taxpayers foot that bill.  They don't pay for their supposed business trips, we do.  They don't pay for their lunches, we do.  Hell, our one of them has 4 individuals, including herself, that are being paid by the taxpayers.  

So I ask you who is not paying their fair share????

In this hard economic time, do we really need to float a bond that we will be left paying for the next 20 years. Or should we tighten our belts and say no to the construction of new parks.  If we need lights has the City checked with FPL to see if they could be donated for the parks?  These are questions that remain to be answered and it was obvious that three seated individuals on the DIAS did not want them asked.  As they pounced on Joe Miller at every chance they got.  GOD, I hope JOE doesn't fold on his principles and morals.  Especially, since he is a man of GOD.  

How will you reconcile this Joe?  It is obvious that Noland, Ganz, and Popelsky are morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt and now they are trying to make the residents of Deerfield Beach financially bankrupt

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