Monday, June 6, 2011

And There Off! Deerfield Beach District 2 Potential Candidates Rush on Over to City Hall, After Weeks of Silence..

So I wonder which of District 2's Leaders will be the first to rush up to City Hall and sign up to be the next City Commissioner.

Before I give you the actual answers, I will pose one question.

Where were/are these individuals in the fight to stop this utility tax and the fact that our City is pushing through major pieces of legislation while the District 2 residents were left without a vote or voice on the City Commission???

If they haven't fought for us so far, what makes them think a title, City Commissioner, will make them more apt to fight for us.  

Because all I know is that some of these individuals have remained silent in opposition to the tax and the issue of "no representation".  Some of the others have actually been cheerleaders for this issue on behalf of the City in closed door meetings.

So be very careful and mindful of what you believe from the mouths of wolves.  I will use the same phrase that I have heard over the last few days.  "They gon do what they wanna do anyway".  Well, let's make sure we put someone on the DIAS who is going to actually listen to us and fight for us.  The actions or inactions of these people over the last couple of months should be indicative of their actions if they actually get the seat.

You've been warned!

So here we go:

Sources say that as of 1:05pm today, Mr. Ben Preston and Pastor Anthony Davis, high-stepped over to City Hall and threw their names in the hat, in their hopes to lead District 2, as the elected City Commissioner.


Please don't take this as me discouraging you from considering these two for the job, as that is not my intention.  My intention is now and has always been  to make sure that we, District 2 residents and qualified electors,  make informed decisions based on all of the information that we have.  

I personally can't wait to see their campaign speeches tomorrow night at the Public Hearing...

So, good luck to each and every person that is and will be vying to lead District 2 into a better future.

Update: Pastor Anthony Davis attended last nights community meeting, where Ben Preston , Gloria Battle (who at least had the decency to call and let us know that she would not be in attendance due to a meeting previously scheduled over a month ago.) where noticeably absence.  

Pastor Davis did let us know that if he gets the District 2 job he would like to create some form of Community Action Group or Committee (I guess the one we have (CAT) isn't good enough for him, since we do seem to be the only ones doing something in the community while in this void of power)to help with follow-up of BSO complaints filed by the community.  This issue came up because several residents had concern that their complaints were not forwarded to the proper departments or that they were not fully and thoroughly investigated.  Sgt. Fish of BSO, explained that all complaints are thoroughly and fully investigated and these matters are taken quite seriously by Sheriff Al Lamberti that he has a 21 and a 42 page manual on how complaints should be handled.  He also expressed the ease in which the BSO has implemented the access to file complaints, such as via email, telephone, or in person.  He stressed that all matters are taken seriously.  Lt. Granville met with a couple individuals after the meeting to discuss the procedure and status on theicomplaints that had not been closed out yet.  

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