Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is A Degree Necessary to Shovel Bull****? Apparently so, in Deerfield Beach: Work Experience for NASA, Also a Plus

This post is to all the educated people out there who have worked hard to earn their degrees and experience and understand and empathize with information they don't know and this also goes out to the people who never worked at NASA, but worked for NASA. Did you know that over 5,057 janitors across America have PH.D's true fact. Check out and the see shocking statics about those who have worked hard.  Sometimes just because you have college degree does not make you smarter or more intelligent than someone without one.  Case in point George W. Bush as compared to say Wile E. Coyote.  At least Wile E, always found the weapons of mass destruction  he was looking for.

But I digress,  the reason for this post is discuss some information that was posted on another blog site.  See the difference between this site and other is, I want you to find the information for yourself.  Which seems to be something that the City of Deerfield Beach and one Chaz Stevens does not want you to do.  Becuase they know if you begin looking then you will know that what they are doing is fool-hardy and self-serving and is only helping to financially, morally, and ethically bankrupt our City.

To put it simply, it don't make sense!  That is why they do not want people to see all the reports available and only speak about the reports, City comparisions, and other that fit into their scheme of things.  Well, that ain't reality and apparently some very educated folks have been recruited to make us think we are stupid and they know more than we.  My friend has a Degree in Drama/Performing Arts and Underwater Basket weaving (just kidding about the Basket Weaving) does that mean he is more intelligent or more qualified than say a hairdresser or even a business owner.  Is the person with the specialized degree which qualifies them to teach Acting to 4th Graders and actually does not even qualify them to spit shine the shoes of say an Actor like Judy Dench or hell even Pauly Shore.  I think that this City has some things backwards andnamely this whole thing about education and degrees making someone more qualified to speak on a subject than another.  Especially when people are actually only asking to have a report done by an outside entity based on a comparison of two cities to see if we could really save some money.  Pardon me if I don't take the word of someone paid to ensure that his guys keep the extraordinary paychecks they have become accustomed to and a guy who has paid for his education with ill-gotten monies from the residents of Deerfield Beach because a self-serving woman has mind-warped everyone into thinking that somehow this expensive model we have is the best for us and if we even think of doing something else we are going to be killing people and losing properties.  What a bunch of bologna!

This is the reason we need common sense back on the DIAS, so that we can have all cost savings options reviewed and presented to the City.  Heck even the BSO bid don't we have to have three, why is this bid different than any others???

I would just like to see all options weighed, because Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, Marty Popelsky and Joe Miller (at least on this) have lost their minds.  They contend that they have looked at all the options then we hear that one person (the Fire Chief) thought about it but didn't push it, so how could the Commissioners have looked at the option.  I'll put it to you this way...and I won't say another word about if the City, commissions a comparative study between Plantation and Deerfield Beach's Fire Department to see if there is any cost savings in the Plantation model, if it were used here.

I will even start with giving the people some info from the Public Safety Board.  It is from 2007 but you'll get the point once you have read it.

The above link is the City of Plantation Fire Department discussing with the Public Safety Board why they created their own model and why it works for them.  They indicate that their city had a chance to change models and decided after a comparison of all the models and options that they would create a model for their City and it works.  He even indicated that their model is not trully considered a volunteer department it is considered a combination unit.

I want you guys to read this and see if you think the City should review all the options and at least do a comparative study instead of just taking Broccato's word that the Plantation model wouldn't work for us.  If you think about it would he really suggest a model where the benefit to him and his friends was decreased.  Would you for that matter?  I know I would hope that I would have the moral fortitude to withstand the temptation of gaining ill gained wealth over doing what is right for my City.  What is obvious though and has been pointed out in the BSO proposal that would reduce the number of personnel is that it's obvious the Sheriff believes he can provide the same service for less, so why didn't our City Manager think of this before letting them go to BSO and then we have no control over the budget.

I may not have a degree, but I surely make up for it in common sense, which is missing from the Deerfield Beach City Hall.

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