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Deerfield Beach Fire Department, Mafia or Totally Blameless...

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to update everyone on a post regarding the Deerfield Beach Fire Department, especially since on June 21, 2011 Bill Ganz stated that we shouldn`t blame the Fire Department for the $20Million plus, of our City`s budget that they get.  Let`s look at it shall we...

The Fire Department and it`s friends, I will not name names, but I am sure that we all know who they are, donate monies to almost all of the politicians in Deerfield`s history, or should we say about really the last thirty years, or so.  I have even heard it mentioned that you can`t get elected in Deerfield Beach without the help of the Fire Department and it`s friends and supporters.  

Wow!  That`s really depressing news.

I have even been warned against talking about the Fire Department, as if it was some sort of Deerfield Beach Mafia or something.  That really would be a scary thought, but since I have not heard back from the Plantation Fire Department and Chaz Stevens, friend of Deerfield Beach Fire Chief Chad Brocato and Bill Ganz, has already indicated that I probably wouldn`t be hearing back from Plantation it made me wonder and it actually gives credibility to that sentiment.

Is Deerfield Beach Fire Department really like the Mafia???

I don't know if that is true, but if I get wacked in the next few months then we will all know.  Character assassination has already been implemented by Chaz Stevens, friend of the Fire Chief and Bill Ganz, as he has called me everything in the book, including insinuating that I poisoned his dog and his latest brain child that I am a pedophile.  So, it doesn't shock me at all at the possibility that they have managed to somehow quiet the Plantation Fire Chief from even addressing the benefits or negatives of a volunteer fire department, comparable to that of Deerfield BEach in service rendered, but not comparable in the amount it cost it's respective City.  Plantation is about $9 million per year and Deerfield Beach is about $20 plus million per year.

Why is it that the Deerfield Beach Fire Department is so scared of anyone even asking the City to do a report or look into their operation for more cost savings.  Bill Ganz actually made my point even clearer by stating that the courageous men and women of the DBFD are not to blame for the amount allocated to them by the CODB, he even went further to say that all of us would have taken the benefits, salaries, etc...offered to the firemen by "politicians" of Deerfield's past, in about the last 20 years or so.

Hey, didn't Chief Brocato mention something about the Commissioners in the last 20 years being correct in their actions to implement the DBFD as it is now.   

 Looking into all possible avenues of cost savings is fiscally responsible, if this would be something that could benefit Deerfield Beach in this time of financial crisis.  So again, I ask what are Peggy Noland and family, Bill Ganz, Chief Brocatoeall, and many, many others so afraid to commission a report looking into changing the structure of the DBFD for cost savings.  Is it because they know what we will find.  Because I know there has to be a more cost effective and better way than what we are doing now and I know this because we have to look no further than the City of Plantation.  

I think that little warning I received about the DBFD holding the key to one's political aspirations is incorrect.  Any elected official that is looking to get elected in the near future in Deerfield Beach will have to look at all the possibilities for cost-savings because the citizens are fed up with footing the bill for continued fiscal irresponsibility on behalf of 20 years of bad choices.  For Bill Ganz to state that we shouldn't blame the Fire Department and should look at Sylvia Poitier as if she was the only politician doing the bidding of the Fire Department (I don't know if this is true, but if it is then shame on her) and its cronies for 20 years is ridiculous.  The fact is she wasn't even on the DIAS when the major bull happened (Defined Pension and the Drop program) but Peggy Noland and Gwyn Clark was part of that dream team who saddled this City with it's current financial burden.  So, with that said, Bill Ganz wants us to not blame the Fire Department, but put sole blame on Sylvia Poitier because she made a comment in 2011 during an election forum, but he would have us stop looking into the Fire Department because Chief Brocato and 20 years of Commissioners, Fire Chiefs, and City Managers thought it was a good idea.  

Boy, he surely gets a lot of use out of his Theatre degree from FSU, because he surely puts on a great show.

Apparently, the best thing that came from the last 20 years, was the fact that the Federal program, whose intended goal was to help inner city and low income neighborhoods be redeveloped through an equal financing program, was their decision to put the Cra on the beach (where the money is) and leaving District 2, the inner city and low-income district, to remain underdeveloped and leaving it's residents at the mercy of the non-profits, who held so tight to the information that monies were available that hardly no residents, except a select few ever benefited from their programs.  

Heck, even to this day residents who could have utilized portions of that $200,000 the City just "re-programmed" for street re-surfacing from CDBG funds, where left out because of a mandated timeframe by HUD which states that funds had to be expended by August 1, 2011 or the City would lose the funds.

Why nobody is talking about that is beyond me.  Maybe because the City has red herring us with everything else, even turning neighbor against neighbor with the utility tax and it's suggestion that everyone was not paying it's fair share.  When the only people not paying their fair share is the Fire Department and the Commissioners, and their buddies.  We the taxpayers, from District 1 through District 4 have been paying through the nose for their incompetence and greed for years.  That is what we as a City should be thinking about, it is time for a change in Deerfield and we need to start by being open and honest with ourselves on every issue and stop allowing these blatant betrayals of the public trust to continue.

The City has expended hundreds of thousands of dollars on reports, surveys, and investigations into everything from who stole the cookies from grandma's cookie jar to Kessler's various costly reports which only accomplished to point out that 20 years of Commissioners, City Managers, and other City Officials have been wrong and have not done their jobs properly and have cost the taxpayers billions in misappropriated, misused, and mishandled tax dollars and not only when it comes to Non-Profits in District 2, but throughout the entire City.  I personally believe that the entire City needs to be under investigation because their are many of residents and businesses tired of footing the bill for these mistakes.  Oh did I mention that Peggy Noland has been a involved as an elected official for about 20 years.  Oh and she benefits from the Fire Department and the lavish City Benefits, employment packages and gifts through her husband and son, why is no one talking about this??? That's politics I guess and I would like to thank Chaz Stevens for dropping the ball on this, as our local corruption fighter he has left us open to more corruption by not finishing what he started with Mrs. Fire Department herself, Peggy Noland.

I mean it would seem that they are scared down to their flame-retardent boots about anyone looking into other ideas to save the City money when it comes to Public Safety.  Chief Brocato even stated that to even suggest it would mean that 20 years of Commissioners, Fire Chiefs, and City Managers would have been wrong to enact and not alter orestructure DBFD and the current Public Safety system in Deerfield Beach.  

Well, I for one would love for a report to be done.  Maybe they can take it out of the Non-Departmental Fund which they are about to use to purchase the last privately owned parcel of land at Pioneer Park for $26 thousand dollars above market value.  Wow!  That's great for the owner of that property to get what she is asking for in this market, but it's okay because the City wants that property...

I think it's not that the DBFD is the Mafia, it's just that the City wants what the City wants, i.e. Peggy Noland and her buddies wanted something and they didn't care how they got it.  Now, they have Bill Ganz championing for them and with his statements I think it safe to say that he's not going to look into resolving the problem or looking to rectify it, since it is now obvious that he realizes that there was a problem with the structuring of the salaries, benefits, and pensions of DBFD.   

So, I say to you Bill Ganz, if you really want to be Mayor of the City of Deerfield Beach, do you continue to bow down to a select few Fire Department and keep making your little comments to draw attention to the fiscal irresponsibility of previous Commissioners, Fire Chiefs, and City Managers. Basically, telling us that Peggy Noland help to screw up this City and now that she is the Mayor, she is doing her darnedest to keep up that tradition.  Or do you take a really hard look at the City and be open to researching all major cost saving avenues at all levels and all departments and if after a report comparing the way we have been doing things, catering to the DBFD, and other models means cutting at the DBFD or even a restructuring then so be it, if it is determined that that is the best interest of our City and not just rely on Brocato's word that what we do is better because he has you yourself stated would he want to be Chief of a Combination Fire Department making considerably less salary and a reduction in benefits and staff.

No, I don't think so!  And it's time that everyone chips in to support the City and wasteful spending should be curbed.

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