Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deerfield Beach, via Chaz Stevens, Comes Up With Land Banking.

A few suggestions to City Folk when talking to Chaz Stevens:

Peggy Noland- Put the bottle down!

Bill Ganz- the world is a stage, and you'll never be the actor in life that you are in your own head.  That's showbiz for you!

Keven Klopp- Don't gloat, yet!  This game ain't over.

Burgess Hanson-Cut the strings, already!!!

Oh Land Banks, EH?  My question is you 5 wouldn't be considering utilizing Federal Funds to purchase properties in District 2, to what end exactly?  

The City already has enough properties it owns in District 2 that are contributing to the blight, so no thank you if I am at least apprehensive of letting this City get control of more properties that they allow to derelict and contribute to an already increasing problem.  

According to some they wish to have a regime change over at the DBHA Commission and Board.  Peggy will help to install a new board under the tutelage of Chaz Stevens (Insert glass shattering scream here) and utilize the considerable Federal funds to begin Land-banking, where the City will gobble up as many vacant/foreclosed/for sale properties as possible, change the land usage and eventually all of the historical residents of District 2 will be pushed to some other corner of the City or out of it, altogether.  

Ask your grandparents and great-grandparents what happened in Deerfield Beach the last time the City started "land-banking" in the black owned community.  We were pushed from the Beach area and East of the railroads to where we are now.  Yes, that's right!  The black community in Deerfield Beach was not always quarantined off in this EAST/WEST corridor along I-95 and the railroads with an added buffer zone of warehouses.  Now that this land has become very attractive to the City's and Counties because our communities are generally centrally located close to all major highways and industry would love to be situated there and a new type of resident brought in to create a greater tax base.  Look at Delray!

So, I caution anyone when the City comes knocking on your door, unless they bring an offer like they did Ms. Vonette Vestor, who owns the last piece of property privately owned at Pioneer Park, which the City intends to purchase for $70,000 after getting a what I would call more than generous appraisal at $44,000 in fair condition and that's w/o examining the inside of the structure b/c from those pictures it doesn't look like fair condition to me and the three properties they compared it to was not comparable in the very least.  But, hey I am not a property appraisor, but I did look up the property and Broward County's property appraisal of the property has the Just Market Value at 36,080.  Hey, they may have left out some things that the private firm who appraised the same property at $44,000 included.  So, why would the City who is claiming that it's broke move to purchase a property for almost twice it's worth according to another Gov't Entity.  That I don't know you would have to ask Staff who recommended this purchase and indicate somehow that it is in the best interest of the City to do this.

Anyway, I just wish Deerfield Beach would expend funds to clean up their properties like St. Louis or Detroit. Chaz, you can get them to do that?

Also, is anybody else concerned that any person on the Commission would appoint Chaz Stevens to the DBHA is beyond me.  It would seem as if the first time something doesn't go his way he will begin a campaign to assassinate the character of that person or entity or throw a plan ol' temper tantrum as he so frequently does.  Personally, I think it would be a toxic relationship, not good for the new Commissioners, not good for the people who that entity would help, and definitely not good for this City.

Anybody, Peggy Noland, who would even consider appointing this man to any City Board would have to be nuts, drunk, or scared.  Oh, Peggy did it the first time and she is who Chaz is after to do it now..Welp, we got the nuts, drunk part and according to Jeff Sayles over at, we may have all three.  Everyone in the City knows about the shady dealings of Peggy Noland and her Fire Fighter husband, but only Chaz Stevens had the balls to go out and get the proof and then take some of that proof and show the DIAS and the City.  Then when it suited him in several blog post he insinuated to Peggy Noland that he could bring trouble to her life, like tax problems and that little workmans comp fraud issue.  Since it would seem that Peggy has everyone else under her thumb except Chaz Stevens, given the fact that her son was caught committing political sabotage and nothing happened and then her husband caught on camera possibly committing workman's comp fraud and nothing happened, then her husband is removed from a position that he was not qualified to have and nothing happened, oh something did happen.  Peggy had the City Manager, Mike Mahaney, fired for that little incident.  You don't "F' with the Noland's, I guess.  But, now it would seem that Peggy is now the victim of the same tactics she so frequently used to have her will done on this City. I guess there is a new power couple in town Chaz and Chaz Stevens and in there first political moves have taken down at least three political figures, have made a puppet of the Mayor, Peggy Noland, and has made all of those City Hall folks willing participants in this charade.  

This has to stop!

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