Sunday, June 12, 2011

Untiltled 2

Someone wrote to Chaz Stevens indicting Sylvia Poitier for the death of one, Mrs. Linda Bauman (deceased wife of Firefighter Les Bauman).  According to the letter, addressed to Bill Ganz, somehow Sylvia Poitier and the Commissioners on the 2007 Deerfield Beach City Commission somehow caused the death of Mrs. Bauman and the poster has never forgiven Sylvia Poitier, one of 5 people responsible for making a decision based on their fiduciary duties to the tax payers and not based on loyalties, payouts, and emotions.

I suggest everyone go and read the minutes or view the video from December 18, 2007. 

I suggest everyone watch this and see what you think.  The record is clear what happened in this case. 

You are right it was unfortunate, the Commission made offers to raise money for Mr. Bauman but they refused to break the stop-loss agreement by acquiescing to his request.  A decision that could have cost the City millions more and future losses.

From the video Mr. Bauman didn't seem to care about the taxpayers when the Commission offered him the choice to cash out his benefits and raise money for him.  Ironic, since when he first spoke out, he stated that he would "give his life" for anyone in this city, but obviously not his own sick time, as was made apparent by his own comments in the video and on the record when the City offered to cash out his benefits.

I don't know who wrote that, but it was obvious from the video that the commission, in that instance, actually did what was in the best interest of the City.  My heart goes out to Mr. Bauman and I had no idea a decision like that went before the Commission, but they had to weigh all the options and from that video seems like they were on their way to making the right choice for the citizens.  It is clear however that they tried and offered alternatives to satisfy the situation without costing the citizens and the City millions by reacting and breaking the stop-loss agreement.

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