Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Ben Preston, Candidate for District 2 City Commissioner Deerfield Beach

 This next profile, is of Ben Preston.  I know that name is familiar to all my readers, positive or negative.  As I have a collection of post related to Ben Preston orelated to others who do not reside in District 2's insistence on implanting Ben Preston as our City Commissioner.  

With a large campaign sign on almost every corner in District 2 and some in District 1.  Ben Preston's campaign machine has done a marvelous job of getting his name and picture out there.  He is heavily promoted in this election by Ruden McClosky, an attorney/registered lobbyist (in several states) who specializes in land deals and development negotiations with many such deals in Deerfield Beach. 

Ben, who is well-educated, professional, and has served the public for over thirty years as the City's first Black Firefighter has a good agenda for District 2, which you will find some portion of it on his website, which I suggest everyone views.  On the website he indicates that he "is the change you asked for" and that he is "a new direction-the right direction".  Fine sentiments, that any voter would love to hear, especially in this transitioning period. 

When you talk with him in person, you get the sense that Ben Preston "love's the kids" because he begins and ends his comments with something related to the "kids", which is great because like Whitney Houston said "The Children are our Future".  With the City Commission, imposing the Utility Tax at this time of financial hardship for everyone stating that it's the right thing to do and they are thinking about our kids by building parks and making improvements on existing parks, it's nice to know that Ben Preston is right in line with the current individuals on the DIAS, Peggy Noland, Bill Ganz, and Marty Popelsky and so there won't be any discord and there will be synergy amongst the elected officials of the Districts that comprise the City. 

Ben has been to many of the meetings held in the community and is a fixture up at City Hall through the day and if elected he has promised to keep an open line of communication between City Hall and the residents of District 2, so that everyone can help him make Deerfield Beach a better place.  This works out for all concerned.

So, hopefully everyone takes an opportunity to view Ben's website and become informed on his issues, concerns, and the solutions he suggest to make District 2 and Deerfield Beach a better place. 

On behalf of all of the candidates we ask that all residents of District 2 come out and vote on July 19, 2011.

Regardless of the outcome of the Special Election, it is time that we take back our power foDistrict 2, like our bodies, the only way to make it fit and healthy is to exercise and we as a residents can do that by exercising ourights to vote and participating in the political process by attending City Commission Meetings, workshops, and hearings to ensure that our voices and will as residents of Deerfield Beach is heard and respected.

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