Monday, July 25, 2011

Untitled 5

Has anyone else noticed that Terry Scott is still walking around with an Ipad.  Maybe, the Apple Company in CyberLand only made 5 of them and only issued them to the City of Deerfield Beach.

Now, I am no friend of Terry Scott, but since I was the one who returned Sylvia's phone, Ipad, the City I thought it only fair that I clue you all in on the false propaganda that Mr. Goebbels is over in CyberLand  spewing.

Actually, that Ipad that Terry had during the campaign, had a huge picture of himself as the screensaver.  I don't think Sylvia would've liked it much if he did that to her stuff.

So, it's obvious that Joseph has run out of stuff to talk about that he is bringing back old lies to fill the pages of his propaganda machine.

Also, Joseph, blocking me from your site doesn't stop you from hearing me bitching and moaning, it only stops me from reading your lies.  If you are so sick, you should stop stressing yourself out reading my blog...and then maybe you'll concentrate on actually ridding Deerfield of the people involved in the real corruption in CyberLand, The Noland/Ganz/Hanson regime.

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