Monday, July 11, 2011

David Cody Announces His Support for Andre Samuels for District 2 City Commissioner

Tonight I have decided to remove my name for the Deerfield Beach District 2 Candidates race.  I came to this decision after having many private talks and conversations with all of the candidates and I decided that Andre Samuels has the best plans, ideas, and intentions to bring our community forward and progress as equal partner in the City of Deerfield Beach.

Andre Samuels is actually the only one who has a solid plan mapped out to achieve the progress in District 2 that is needed.

He believes in the residents as much as I do.
He believes in making our district more self-sufficient.
He opposes the Utility tax and was one of the only individuals who publicly opposed the tax.
When we had no voice and leader in District 2, after the removal of Sylvia Poitier, he stepped up and spoke up for the residents.
He also shares our vision of creating a community that is informed and involved with local government because he understands that with an informed and involved community comes progress and improvements that benefit the majority and not just the select few.

Andre is intelligent, conservative, and a native of Deerfield Beach District 2.  My issues, your issues, our issues have always been his issues and he is well equipped in education, knowledge, and ability to think outside the box and bring new fresh ideas to the DAIS that will benefit "ALL" residents of District 2 and Deerfield Beach. 

He is ready and willing to put our District on a "NEW" path that will benefit us all.  

So, I hope that everyone will join me in supporting Andre Samuels and on July 19, 2011 vote to put Deerfield Beach District 2 on a "new" path toward that  includes benefits for "ALL".

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