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Chaz Stevens: The Joseph Goebbels of the City of Deerfield Beach Department of Propaganda and His Flawed "Genius" Logic

Please go and read Joseph Goebbels, OOPS, I meant Chaz Stevens blog post in "retaliation" for my post entitled "Suspended Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, Sylvia Poitier: 4 of 5 Charges May be Meritless", where I posted about the meritless charges filed by the SAO against suspended Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and the blatant waste of taxpayer dollars in indicting a politician on frivolous charges, which can be read here.  

In Goebbel's. "Heaven's to Megatrode",  I did it again. I meant Steven's post, which can be viewed here.  He insinuates that somehow, although the WDBA did not meet any of the terms of the Deed of Trust with Lionel Ferguson to pay him back monthly payments of $977.89 of which the first payment was to be made on  April 1, 2006, this somehow proves that a conflict of interest according to the law exist and a Sylvia Poitier and/or Lionel Fergusan stood to have a "Special Gain/Loss" and/or a "Special Pecuniary Interest" in seeing the viability and financial health of the WBDA.  

Poppycock, my boy, poppycock.  Pure propaganda and lies derived from the mind of the Minister of Propaganda himself, Joseph Goebbels.  Jinky's, I can't seem to remember that it's Chaz Stevens, Manager CODB Department of Propaganda, with direct oversight by Bill Ganz and Burgess Hanson.

You tell me...if you stood to have a special gain/loss by the re-payment of a loan to your brother wouldn't the first thing you do is make sure that the loan was re-paid.  In this case,  you had over 4 years of votes to achieve this and yet nary one dime, not a single cent was ever attempted to be paid back and that has been proving beyond a reasonable doubt, as noted by Chaz himself and is also the reason why she was only charged with misdemeanors and not felonies.

Everyone wants to believe the propaganda about politicians, but not all of them are Peggy Noland.  Whose family and friends get preferential treatment in hiring and legal matters, which I noted in a blog post which can be read here.  Also, speaking of "Conflict of Interest", the Mayor, Peggy Noland's husband Thomas is a FireFighter and she has been basically making a Commissioner or Mayor's salary of about $25,000 to upwards of $40,000, not including benefits and pension.  He was the major bread winner, how can anyone tell me that voting on issues that concern a possible "GAIN/LOSS" of your husband's salary, when he is the major bread winner.  Then not only that your son is also included in that equation, as well as votes to increase the salary of City employees because her daughter also works for the City.  Someone please explain to me how this has not been investigated and brought before the Mr. Satz at the SAO for prosecution. 

Has a deal been made because she is "playing ball?"  Was the same deal offered to Poitier and she refused and so here we are...?

How can anyone aftereading all of the articles about the City of Deerfield Beach's Mayor, Peggy Noland, and her exploits over the last 20 years have guessed that we would today be discussing the trial of Sylvia Poitier fothe possible Conflict of interest because of a possible "Special Gain/Loss" or possible "Special Pecuniary Interest" regarding a loan that was never attempted to be paid back.  

Come on, I didn't realize that I passed a sign on I-95 that read:

Boca Raton         3/4 miles  
CyberLand      5 miles    WheRe DemocRacy takes a backseat to $$$
Pompano Beach   7 miles

Get with it, folks!  The whole City is screwed up and it's mainly the part of greedy and selfish politicians and apathetic citizens who just don't care enough to read between the lines, becoming informed, asking questions, fully participating, and getting out to vote.  Again, this is not just a District 2 thing, it's a problem in all the Districts.  So we need to wake up and do better if we plan to fix it.

Also for those Cyberland residents that have the audacity to think that taxpayers only consist of people who own real estate and are currently working.  You are seriously twisted!   

Wiki-pedia breaks it down for the resident "Genius" of the Cyberland.
Taxes are sometimes referred to as "direct taxes" or "indirect taxes". The meaning of these terms can vary in different contexts, which can sometimes lead to confusion. An economic definition, by Atkinson, states that " taxes may be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the taxpayer, whereas indirect taxes are levied on transactions irrespective of the circumstances of buyer or seller."[8] According to this definition, for example, income tax is "direct", and sales tax is "indirect". In law, the terms may have different meanings. In U.S. constitutional law, for instance, direct taxes refer to poll taxes and property taxes, which are based on simple existence or ownership. Indirect taxes are imposed on events, rights, privileges, and activities. Thus, a tax on the sale of property would be considered an indirect tax, whereas the tax on simply owning the property itself would be a direct tax.

For the citizens that do not have their heads stuck in the CyberLand this would indicate that every item of clothing, car(s), gas, food, utility payments to private vendor's such as FPL, movie tickets that are purchased, contributes to the  tax base and therefore if you have ever purchased almost anything in the USA or it's territories you are a taxpayer, which is defined as an individual or entity that a state or government levy's or imposes a financial charge that if not paid is punishable by law.  If I attempt to pay for a dining experience less the taxes, then presumably by law the restaurant can sue me in a civil case for failure to pay a contracted debt, which nonetheless is a penalty and therefore makes me and almost everyone else a taxpayer who pay mostly indirect taxes, like many American seniors who do not own property and are scrapping by on Social Security.

Deerfield Beach, it's time to get with the program and WAKE UP! and realize that not one of us is living the American Dream, not even those who believe themselves to be better off than the rest.  You should be cautious to remember that the way you view over 43 million American's who live in poverty ,according to the Census Bureau, is most likely the same way you are viewed by another group, unless you are in the top 1% of the countries wealthy.  So be careful when you begin to pointing your finger because there will always be three pointing back at you.  NOW WAKE UP!!!

I guess I was wrong.  Chaz and I are total opposites, he calls me a pedophile and he re-routes people IP addresses that he doesn't like to, a site which shows three elderly men performing fellatio on each other. He's blocked me, AGAIN. 

Who's the SICKO between the two of us????

Oh, your logic is flawed because if I was a paid spokesmodel for Poitier, than I would be paying more of the "direct tax", known as income tax making me a little closer to your kind of taxpayer, I guess.

Oh, you are asking about you go watch this to find out.

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