Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chaz Stevens Preparation for this was Genius.

Well, it begins!  I warned of this in a previous post

where I stated:

he is playing the “they are questioning me because they think I am a racist” card.  This does 2 things; one it throws suspicion off your true intent and second it angers a group of people energizing them to support you.

In this post

from his blog, we get a glimpse of the true intent and make-up of a man. That man is Chaz "War" Stevens, of 4 Horsemen Fame.  

Am, I the only one who noticed that he began shouting the Anti-race card a few weeks ago, insinuating that people were calling him a racist for his attacks on Sylvia Poitier and Gloria Battle.  Well, like I said before I don't remember anyone calling him racist or even blaming him for Sylvia Poitier's legal problems.  I have even applauded this man for doing the hard work and having the guts to stick it to City Hall.  I have however called into question his motives and his associations and the reason being is because to me he seems a bit like an attack dog, set loose on specific individuals.  

Case in point, he initially investigated Deerfield Beach City Mayor, Peggy Noland, and came up with the some rather troubling and obviously corrupt material.  He then abruptly stopped, 180'd, and flipped the script unto then Commissioner Sylvia Poitier.  Now, this might not be strange to some, but considering the way he hounded and attacked Capellini and Gonot without taking a breath, this new tactic was puzzling.  

Then Kessler came in and investigated all of the departments that directly effected District 2.  Oh before I forget he did make a side step, for fairness sake, over to "Founder's Day" (where he found some major inconsistencies and financial accounting problems, as well) but Chaz and Kessler mainly targeted Sylvia and District 2.  Then Kessler came up with a report utilizing a "sampling" of information and at times no information to determine wrong doing.  HUD's OIG report (which refutes some of Kessler's claims) is for some reason not mentioned, but a few places.  It is mysteriously not listed under the reports section of the City's website (I wonder why).  The OIG report indicated that the City neglected to inform them of the possible conflicts of interest, which you can read or   

So, the question we all should be asking is WHY????

I cannot stress this enough, read all of the information from as many sources as possible.  It will paint a broader picture allowing you to formulate your own conclusions and not just take the word of someone else.  You never know what their agenda is and if the information they are telling you is totally true.

This brings me to my final point...Deerfield we need to look into our City Government and find out why is there so much MISMANAGEMENT and why is it allowed to continue.  Who is benefiting?  From what I can see it is not the City residents!  

It is time to put down our differences and join together to create a better tomorrow, today here in Deerfield Beach. 

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