Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That Damn Chaz Stevens and his little dog, too! (remix)

Why fabricate stories, Chaz???  Now you have resorted to telling blatant lies and I wonder why?  Is it because I have "given you a taste of your own medicine" (This phrase is no where on my mission page and has never been)  by digging into your past and posting the results on my blog.  Honestly, to accuse me of poisoning your dog borders between insanity and plain stupid.  What did you think you would gain from doing such a thing?  Cause you have lost ground with me and not just because you are a "Jailbird", but because you would stoop so low.  It makes me wonder what else you would lie about.  And it actually brings you and I back full circle.

Like I mentioned on a previous post here and on your own site (which is actually why I started this blog), you are a hypocrite and you just go around spouting off conjecture and hoping that something hits.  So, as you were vindicated today, so was I!  So, thank you for that!

I am sure that you have made "Woman in Distress" very rich with your websites contributions.  Maybe, I will request the city's records for payments to that charity and see what I find???

Oh, because I know you and your "Chazanites" (I thought you would like that) are searching high and low for dirt on me, don't I said my life is open and you can ask me directly and I will tell you.   

This is the last time I will address any matters concerning your dog.

Scooter in 2009 MAOS post

Scooter in 2011 MAOS

  You ain't got to lie, Chaz.  But since you do this song is for you!

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