Friday, April 15, 2011

Deerfield Beach's "We Need A Change" Coalition...What is their real agenda???

This post is dedicated to each and every one out there calling for new leadership.  Can you give me a reason why you are so determined to see new leadership.  Not saying that it's not needed, because obviously (at least to me) that it is.

Some are saying that we need new leadership because we haven't had a community meeting in 6 years.  Well, since all District 2 wants is a leader to have a meeting, what real good will that do?  Explain it to me...

How many people have actually attended any meetings that have been offered to "US".  I can count on my hands and feet the number of people that can be depended on to actually attend.  Out of that number, maybe only one or two is asking for new leadership.  So the actual question we should ask is why?

If anyone tells you we need to get rid of Sylvia, ask them for the reason why and see how they respond.  I have already emailed Governor Scott and advised him that we need to call a "Mulligan" here in Deerfield and get rid of all the Commissioners, who can all be attached to some scandal or another.

Should I list, a few...

Miller and Noland- 2009 JB's on the Beach contributed to their campaigns and then never disclosed the info when he submitted a bid to procure the coveted "on the beach" location at the pier.  This vote occurred in August and a conclusion can be drawn that only thanks to an email from Chaz Stevens to Andy Maurodis (August 21, 2009), not a supposed call from Miller,that the Conflict of interest was even identified and then addressed at the next meeting...If he didn't email Andy, would we have even known about this and would it be Peggy Noland and Miller in Poitier's seat right now...Make you say hmmmm????What is goingon Deerfield.  THINK!

Check out these little "nuggets" of information, which never went anywhere.  Where was Chaz then??  Where were the "We Need Change Coalition" then??

This last one was funny because

Chaz Stevens, Genius 1 year ago
You know what there's to like about Burgess? It's simple really. And simply amazing.

He's just doing the right thing...

Which, here in town, is in short supply.

Consider the last two classes of elected officials. Two arrested (Capellini and Gonot). One to be the subject of an ass gaping investigation (Poitier). And one who's husband jobbed the city for workers comp (Noland).

4 elected officials, in the last two cycles, with uber significant corruption issues

Nice Deerfield. Who are we going to vote in next? Manuel Noriega?

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