Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gloria Battle, Former Commissioner, Vindicated!

The Broward County State Attorney’s Office has exonerated former Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Gloria Battle by closing its case regarding her voting in favour of a 2009 grant proposal that she wrote for the Haitian American Consortium, prior to her appointment to the city commission.  The BCSAO determined that Battle was reimbursed the $750 by the HAC prior to becoming City Commissioner, an appointment that could not have been foreseen and therefore it does not appear that she acted criminally.  I guess she won’t be going to jail.  Sorry, May Another One Survive! 

The witch hunt against Battle, initiated by the self-proclaimed “Politician Slayer”, has finally come to an end.  The funny thing is even after the BCSAO concluded their investigation he is still trying to keep the matter ongoing.  When will this guy learn? I don’t know, but I hope it is soon because it’s time for him to come back down to reality.  He got lucky with Capellini and Gonot, but it would seem that this time his luck may have run out.  I told him that he was “ranting and raving” and spouting “off conjecture about political candidates and hoping to get a response” and it would seem I was right.  If you shoot enough bullets into a crowd, you surely may hit someone.  But looks like his aim was off when he shot at Gloria Battle. 

Ms. Battle has insisted all along that she did nothing criminally wrong, but that idiot kept on blogging and twisting the truth.  I wonder what else is he stretching and twisting the truth about. 

I called him a “political pawn” and it would seem that maybe he is.  He made reference recently in a post entitled “Poitier won. Now we can send her to jail” that current Deerfield Beach Mayor, Peggy Noland, illegally voted to approve her husband’s pay increase.  Now where are the criminal complaints about that?  How many complaints and post did you publish about that little incident?  Can we trust you?  I think not, with all these filings and complaints, he is costing the city big money.  For Kessler to audit the city, I am sure that cost a pretty penny.  And he keeps talking about individuals not providing all pertinent information, so why is it that Kessler audited the city, but only used a sample of cases, huh?  Who provided them with those specific cases and why was the sample cases focused primarily on one individual?  If you really did witness Peggy Noland illegally vote to approve her husband’s salary increase, why did you not file a complaint about it.  Why didn’t Kessler look into that?  Why has there been no mentioning of Ganz in any of your post.  A political pawn or are you more of an attack dog?  Who is your master? Ganz, Noland, Hanson, all three or is there someone more insidious pulling the strings?

Well, at least one victim of your lunacy, hypocrisy, idiocy, and stupidity has come through the fires of your witch hunt unscathed.  Way to go, Gloria Battle!

I can’t wait to see who’s next to escape his wraith.


  1. Wow you are super informed about youe city leaders I don't even know who our mayor is!

  2. Thx, I try to keep abreast of current local issues. You know me..always in somebody else's Hey, but you need to get involved in your local community because your local elections are more important than the national...local leaders determine municipal taxes, utility fees, city-wide and are beautification, etc...So step up and get involved..Most cities even have a website where you can watch the commission meetings, so it's a lot easier to be involved these days because you can do it from that same chair you're sitting in right now.


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