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New Info: To the Concerned Citizens of Deerfield Beach...

I have asked, publicly, for people who may support a candidate to prove to us why we should vote for them.  So when this information crossed my desk I ran to my computer to get it out to you, so you can have all the facts.  I typed out the information because the letter was faxed and the font was little blurry, so I put in a format everyone can read here. 

 But, the actual letter is signed by Mr. Langlois and was faxed from his location (as you'll see on the very bottom-the fax transmission ID) himself indicating that Mr. Preston, who has been claiming to put the employee and the people first, cares little for the people, but is a "City Man".  Now, if this letter is any indication of his past conduct it makes me wonder does he really have District 2's best interest in mind, or is there another agenda at work here.  Who is backing Mr. Preston?  What is their agenda for District 2 and what is theireason for choosing him?  

I have attached a couple links to articles related to the Langlois case.

Please review the information and make up your own minds!

 With no further ado,  I give you Joe Langlois' perspective of events that led to him becoming a millionaire thanks to the actions of a few at the City of Deerfield Beach and within the Civil Service Board.   Oh and guess who footed that bill?  The Taxpayer.  With all the goings on at the city and decisions that they have made regarding the layoffs, do we really want a "City Man" on the Commission?  I think not.  

Heck, who are Florida and Broward Firefighters supporting?  If you are really about the employees, then those same employees should be supporting you, but it seems they have thrown their hat behind another District 2 candidate. Which from what I hear, they'll be out today Saturday March 5, 2011 showing their support for said candidate and passing out copies of the actual letter from Joe Langlois because they want us to make an informd decision on March 8, 2011.  Now, what does that tell you? 

Letter from Joe Langlois:
 There has been much written about Commissioner Sylvia Poitier over the past few months.  I personally have valued the fact that in America individuals are innocent until proven guilty.  Sylvia Poitier has spent decades representing the citizens of Deerfield Beach.  Her experience and down home personality have been a refreshing change from the controversial alpha dog’s attempting to control your city commission.  Ben Preston, a retired Deerfield Firefighter and a candidate in district 2, claims in his campaign rhetoric that the taxpayers and the employees come first..
I personally can verify that employees don’t come first in the management book of Ben Preston. In 2001, I was removed from work and placed on unpaid leave by the City of Deerfield.  When an allegation of work place violence surfaced .  By the rules and regulations, the city was allowed to remove me from work and have me evaluated by a psychiatrist of their choice.Per the rules and regulations, I pursued justice through the civil service board. The board voted 5 to 0 to hear my case.  When my case was heard the following week, Ben Preston spear-headed the rejection of my claim without any new evidence being presented. The outcome of Ben Preston’s actions, on the Civil Service Board, were a cost of approximately $2,000,000.00 dollars to the citizens of Deerfield.  Yes, look at all those zeros.  The federal judge, when she exonerated me, eloquently stated in her summary judgement that this does not and should not happen in America. I sincerely hope the non-uniformed employees heed this warning.  Ben Preston did not care about my plight.  Nor did he speak for me.Do you think he will care about you or the citizens? I have yet to hear Ben Preston notify the public of his 2 million dollar catastrophic blunder.  An you the citizens afford to place your future in the hands of Ben Preston?  I believe not.  If Ben Preston utilizes the same logic in making decisions on the commission as he did with the civil service board, taxes will surely rise.  The citizens of Deerfield Beach cannot afford another million dollar mistake. During Sylvia Poitiers tenure with the commission the Fire Department has given up a total of 9% in cost of living raises over the last 3 years, a 5% merit raise, and a 2% longevity.  This amounts to a cost savings of approximately $1,800,000.00 dollars.
Anyone is allowed to run for office The criteria for a good commissioner is that he dig for facts as decision making is the is the corner stone of a worthy candidate.  When push comes to shove, Ben Preston has shown an inability to dig for the facts in solid decision making. Can the City of Deerfield Beach afford this? I think NOT.   (This is a typed recreation of the actual letter written by Joe Langlois)

 Act Out, Speak Up, and 



Mr. Adams, of The Black Perspective Unbossed and Unbought, I am sorry that I beat you to getting this information out to the good citizens of Deerfield Beach DIstrict 2.  I know that you have our best interest at heart and want us to have all the facts about each candidate.  So, i'll send you a copy, so you can re-post it to your blog.



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