Monday, March 28, 2011

Broward Health for the people or for themselves??????

I emailed the following to Broward Health.  

Dear Frank Nask, President/CEO , Broward Health

Today at 12:10pm I arrived with my uncle at the Annie L Weaver Health Center (formerly Pompano Adult Clinic) located at 2011 NW 3rd Avenue and I was surprised because I had never been to this place before nor had I heard of it, but my uncle is on Broward’s Medicaid program and this is where he gets his medications. 

Since he had been advised last Friday that his prescription would be ready by 10am on Monday, I did not go in with him as I figured that he would be okay picking up a prescription.  So, I sat in the car and waited until I saw him approaching at about 12:58pm and so I started the engine in anticipation to depart this place, but when he got in the car he had only the papers that I sent him in with.  So I asked him where the prescription was and he replied that it wasn’t ready.  So, I figured I’d go back in with him and check because I know my uncle is impatient.  So when I went into the facility, I wasn’t shocked to see the numerous amounts of people that were inside waiting.  I figured, hey it’s free or low-cost health care so you have to be patient.  I proceeded over to the cashier area, which is where you pick up the prescriptions, and there was about 6 people or so waiting for their prescriptions.  In the cashier’s window was a sign “Be Back at 1:15”, so no problem we can wait.  I sat quietly and listened to horror stories about the wait time at this facility and others.  I heard stories about people bringing their breakfast and lunch to a 9am appointment because they knew that they would be there all day.  

“Are you freaking serious?”  I thought to myself, “all day just to pick up prescriptions or see a doctor.  

Well, I got to see exactly what these people were talking about because at 1:25pm the cashier had still not returned, so I approached the registration desk and the gentlemen informed me that the individual, a Ms. Dawn Jones, was at lunch and would be back shortly.  So, I went back to my sit, figuring “yeah, she’d be back soon,  she’s just running late”.  The people in the line had become restless at this point because some had been there since (from what I gathered) about noon and had still not received their presriptions.  I became anxious and began a conversation with several individual(s) who shall remain nameless (let’s just say they are there a lot) told me that this happens all the time because Ms. Jones and the Manager (I didn’t get her name) are friends.  They proceeded to tell me that even if I complained to the manager, (and this has often happened) nothing is going to change and it gets swept under the rug.  

“Wait” I thought, “Is my time and the other people who come here’s time not just as valuable as the workers here.” Should we not be treated with respect and dignity and not have our time wasted just because someone has a friend in a managerial position.”

Suffice it to say that she did not return until after 1:50pm and then she began her job of passing out the prescriptions.  At 1:50pm the sign said 1:15pm and I know she didn't go to lunch at 12:50 because the people who were in line stated the she left at about 12:05pm.  Now, my gears are grinding and trying to figure out the next step, so I decided to blog about it and send a copy of this to the official in charge of Broward Health (as I had been advised that the manager sweeps things under the rug) and see what happens.  This kind of treatment should not happen to Americans in America.  This is the kind of treatment you see in movies or in documentaries of third world countries, not here in America.  The sad thing is after I experienced this first hand come to find out that this is the norm around Broward and the country.  No, No, this will not do, not at all.

So, Mr. Nask of the "publicly-funded" Broward Health what are you going to do about this?  Tax payers’ dollars are being wasted in your facilities and we want answers.   I know that Broward Health’s Mission is “to provide quality health care to the people they serve and support the needs of all physicians and employees.” But it seems like you guys are only supporting the employees, if a work culture like this is allowed to continue you will not be able to achieve your vision of providing world class healthcare to the people you serve because your employees are doing those same people a disservice by not reporting back to their stations on time and ignoring the needs of your patients.  

***I will keep you guys posted of the outcome

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