Saturday, July 23, 2011

City of Deerfield Beach Establishes Department of Propaganda with Chaz Stevens at the Helm

Is anyone else concerned that Kessler, who not only has been instrumental in pointing out possible wrong doing in the City of Deerfield Beach, but also has been instrumental in bringing a new degree of fame and notoriety to Chaz Stevens and vice-a-versa, a limited internal control review of specific departments, people, and grant recipients but actually found no wrong doing by the City.  Now when I say "no wrong doing by the City" I am talking specifically on the $142,248.00 that the HUD OIG report (which mysteriously is not available olisted on the City's website, but Kessler's is) determined was misappropriated because the CITY paid employee salaries with HUD federal dollars without proper documentation to show that the monies were spent for the administration of that program.  The OIG HUD report indicated that the City had to either provide the necessary documentation to justify that expenditure oreturn the funds to HUD.  The City used that amount to basically double the touted figure that Sylvia Poitier cost the City, when Sylvia Poitier had nothing to do with that portion of the reimbursement to HUD, but let Chaz and his buddies at the City tell it, she was.  

Let me ask you, did you ever hear oread about Burgess Hanson, Peggy Noland, or any of the others admit that because the City Management failed to properly document the salary allocation of Federal funds it was responsible for ove36% of the HUD reimbursement. 

I have a theory, the reason you didn't hear about it because the City didn't want you to know.  It wanted you focused primarily on Poitier, the Mango Festival, and other District 2 institutions, while hiding the blatant corruption in the City itself.  

You have to wonder, who selected those specific departments, grant recipients, and people to have Kessler "forensically" audit and determine wrong doing and yet within that same review not one mention of the fact that The City did not properly document the salary allocation of the employees connected to the administration of Federal funds.  Yet, it boastfully and repeatedly explained to us that Sylvia Poitier was somehow responsible for costing the City $395,288.00 due to a possible conflict of interest involving her brother loaned the WDBA (CHDO for the City of Deerfield Beach) money 6-7 years ago and grant funds were awarded (that she did or didn't vote on) that could possibly, maybe, if you closed your eyes, spent around, while an American Bald Eagle flew over head with one of those long tailed iguanas that have overun South Florida in it's mouthand the Sun was at its highest point would have made it possible for the WDBA to pay her brother back because he was one of many creditors of the organization.  Prior to filing charges they had already established that Lionel, Sylvia's brother, has, so if the conditions where right, yes I guess it could have been possible.  The point of the matter is that it just didn't happen.  In this political climate with real tangible corruption in the City of Deerfield and on the horizon at every Commission meeting, every close door meeting, every staff and employee meeting, and every audit by Kessler. that we purchase (cause it ain't free)..why is our local government(s) consistently wasting our tax payer dollars on this frivolity, especially since all of them are claiming to be broke.  Maybe taxpayers would feel better if the SAO actually caught, charged, prosecuted, and won more cases where actual funds were lost, maybe then the actual crooks would be scared, instead of continuing to create policies that continually and perpetually benefit only a select few, while spending the monies of "ALL".

Wait hold up, so you are telling me that they had already established no monies ever exchanged hands, so Sylvia was not suspended and arrested for stealing money oreceiving ill gotten gains (or like the State calls it "Special Gains", but hasn't defined it.  So, a prudent and reasonable person, like myself, has to guess at it's meaning.) like the City and Chaz Stevens would have us believe.

That's right! Chaz Stevens, with his platinum blonde hair seems to be taking pages directly from "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler and has become the modern-day Joseph Goebbels.  The City of Deerfield Beach and other entities have taken notice and utilized some of the techniques employed by the Nazi Leader and his Ministry of Propaganda to separate us as residents of Deerfield Beach, so we are more easily controlled, manipulated, and then dominated.  Did you see how well it worked in the imposition of the 10% Utility Tax and more recently at Constitution Park...(See the editorial posted July 21, 2011 by Steve Krevoy in Deerfield Beach`s Observerright under an almost full page opinion (I believe the very first of it`s length in Observer historyby, none other than, Chaz Stevens.)  Read IT and Question Everything!

That is actually the point of this entire post, Read and Question Everything!!!  
Just like everything that glitters isn`t gold, everything you read is not matter how much someone stresses it.  By reading and questioning you prepare yourself to swim through the ocean of lies and propaganda that we are wade through everyday.  

Remembering and utilizing the statement Read and Question Everything, is the emergency flotation device that will keep you from drowning in the lies and propaganda of politics, religion, and life in general. 

I am not a "Conspiracy theorist" ,as some may have you believe after this hits the blogosphere, but I have seen enough in my short thirty-one years to know to only trust information that you have verified yourself, because only you can be trusted to do what's in your own best interest and even then we as humans fall short. 


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