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4 Years Ago Today, 8/14/07, In The News, Howard Noland: Husband of CODB Mayor Peggy Noland

In the news 4 years ago today was an article regarding the demotion of current CODB Mayor Peggy Noland's husband, Howard Noland, from his position as Fire Inspector.  As it turns out Howard did not hold the proper certifications to inspect anything in Broward County or Deerfield Beach and therefore should not have held a position as a Fire Inspector.  

The news article indicates that Howard, who had not been certified as Fire Inspector since 2000 despite passing the test, was aware of his lack of credentials in November of 2006 and yet did not advise his superiors or City Manager, Mike Maheney, (this is before Peggy enacted her revenge of firing him) that he was not certified to be a Fire Inspector until May of 2007.  All of this was uncovered in a formal investigation in July of 2007 prompting the City and Fire Department to have to re-inspect over 389 structures that Noland had inspected since October 2006 after becoming a full fire inspector and prompting City Manager, Mike Maheney to have to demote Howard Noland, back to rescue supervisor, which cost him about $7,000.00 in annual salary and who knows how much in perks.  He is after all a Noland!!

My question is what did these re-inspections cost the City and why was no further action taken against Howard Noland for his lack of informing his superiors of his lack of certification to do his job, which is tantamount to lying since he knew back in November and didn't inform them until 6 months (half a year) later.

Another article which goes into detail about the incident states that Howard never had his Broward Certification and according to the retiring Fire Division Chief Bob Williams, Noland had sat for the test in May 2007, but flunked.  This is what prompted the investigation which lead to Howard's eventual demotion by Mike Maheney, which lead to Maheneys eventual blatant retaliatory firing by Howard's wife in 2009 when she became Mayor.

According to Broward County's Chief Fire Code Officer, Bryan Parks, Noland never possessed Certification and yet had been performing inspections as early as 2002.

The thing is Broward County requires that all Fire Inspectors pass a written exam and turn in an application signed by their Fire Chief.  Now, if the Chief Fire Code Officer never found any indication that Noland held a Certification, does that mean the Fire Chief gave him the position without verifying he passed the test and turned in the application that he signed to ensure he was certified???  I wouldn't be surprised if that is what happened, especially considering Friend of the FireFighter, Peggy Noland, and the woman who made their lavish paychecks and retirements possible was reigning over the CODB City Commission.  What was it to overlook something as simple as a certification for the husband of the woman who provided me and my fellow firefighters carte blanche in our City and a benefits and retirement package to literally die for.  Well, that would be up for a court to decide or even the court of public opinion to decide.

Another thing is that Howard indicated that he sat for the test in May 2007, which he flunked and then was put on Desk duty in June, because it was the path of least resistance to getting his re-certification.  Now keep in mind, no one can confirm that he was ever certified to begin with, but we'll bite.  He stated that he didn't intentionally intend to defraud anyone or do anything wrong.  He even indicated that he could sit down and prove that he had the hours and was not intentionally going to do something wrong.  I wonder if he ever proved that he had the hours?  There is no other follow up stories which indicate that he did indeed prove that he was not intentionally trying to defraud the City of Deerfield Beach in collusion with his wife, Peggy Noland, and others within the Fire Department at that time.  Heck, would we even have known about this if it wasn't for the man he started it all, someone who was retiring and would be beyond the reach of the Queen Pen, Peggy Noland. 

These things make you wonder and I am purely speculating as to the actual events that began Howard's career as a un-certified City of Deerfield Beach Fire Inspector to the revealing of the truth by the retiring Chief 7-years later.

In an article, three years later when Peggy Noland was gleefully announcing her victory over the man, City Manager Mike Mahaney, who demoted her husband costing her $7,000.00 a year and possible thousands in perks and gifts that could have possibly gone along with a position like Fire Inspector, especially in a City where your wife is basically the female, political arena, version of John Gotti.  She indicated that she had no idea that Howard was demoted back in 2007, so how could that have been an influence for her to want to get rid of Mahaney.  In fact, she allowed newly elected Bill Ganz to propose the firing, even though it was obvious that "he" had no real cause to do so.  (Thus demonstrating to me that those two have been in cohoots since the beginning.) Now, I was not in Deerfield during his tenure, so I do not know the sordid details of everything that happened, except for the stories that I have heard.  Since some are good and some are bad, I take them with a grain of salt, but it is obvious from that 2010 article that she was extremely to happy not to feel vindicated in the firing of Mahaney, like a woman who just got revenge for husband.  Plus, the fact that it was all over the newspaper, how could she not have known.  

So, I say to you seeing the way these Nolands work and the fact that they dined at the City Troughs for over 2 decades is it any wonder that she is now cowtowing to the likes of Chaz Stevens, a self-proclaimed politician slayer, who frequently in post eluded to the trouble he could cause Peggy Noland and the possible frauds committed by her husband, prior to having that same, Peggy Noland, nominate him to a position that he coveted so he could exact his personal vendetta against Pam Davis, Caryl Berner, and all of those associated with the DBHA.  Now, that last part is a piece paraphrased from Chaz himself and as I wrote it here it made me wonder if he was indicating that he also has a personal vendetta against "all those associated with the DBHA" which would include all of those low/moderate income African-americans and other minorities as well  as women, since the majority of people served by the DBHA are single mothers (women).  Could that have been his "manifesto" announcing that he is indeed a bigot and a racist, blackmailing the blatantly corrupt Peggy Noland, so she would put him the position that he coveted so much so he could exact his "HATE".  Again, just something to think about, because of course I am just speculating and thinking out loud.

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  1. Hello David and a well pointed article. I would like to know a lot of what has happened and what it did cost the city?

    I would also like to know more about why our Chief of the Fire Department - let this go - maybe an obvious question - but not right and as the head of the Fire Department - he should face some consequences due to his negligence.

    We the people want answers and should be provided them.


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