OK, here goes nothing.

I decided to start this blog out of a need that I saw in the City of Deerfield Beach to give a new, fresh perspective on things that transpire here and across our land.  I do not think that I am right, I do not think that I know it all, and I don't even attempt to represent any group of people.  I am just representing me.  Anything that I post here will be representative of my opinion(s) or my beliefs.  This is not going to be grammatically correct all the time because I am a passionate writer and sometimes, I will just get an idea and my hands will type and the result is the result.  If I edit it to much then my raw emotion will be lost in my attempt to demonstrate my mastery (or lack thereof) of the English language.  I will try and entertain you with jokes, stories, and news, but I promise to keep my thoughts on issues and concerns as unbiased as humanly possible.  

I am an advocate for all citizens to get out and vote.  I advocate for all citizens to research their local issues and find out about any candidate(s) running for any office before voting for them.  I am a strong supporter of "The People".  I believe that people can make the difference in our society and our government, if we just take the time and move beyond the political bullshit.  I do think political blogs are necessary, but I believe some of them step beyond the bounds by advising us who to vote for.  I believe that they can and should uncover the truths of a matter or issue, report on the wrong doings of an elected or appointed official, they can provide us helpful tools to discern our own way through the bullshit.  But they should, never, never attempt to tell us who to vote for.   In other words, I think it's OK to lead the horse to water, but don't dunk his head in the damn pond trying to get it to drink.  Cause eventually it'll drown.  Given the political state of our city and country we are drowning because we have allowed ourselves to be dunked under the water for so long by political bloggers, the news media, the political-savvy elite disguised as friend when they are really foes and have their own self-serving agendas.

I want this blog to get you to think for yourselves and make your own decisions.  I will post articles, clippings, etc...and try to give you the chance to make your own decision.

Because I know, like the title of this blog says, that my perspective is not the only perspective.

Also, feel free to comment and leave messages and if there is anything that you would like discussed here, please feel free to let me know.