Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Truth Go Down in Deerfield Beach District 2 (People are Gonna Hate Me For This One, But I Don't Care)

So it is the first day in a new era in Deerfield Beach District 2 history.  There has been no fire hail, the sun has not fallen out of the sky, the moon did not turn blood red, and we woke up in the same condition we went to sleep in...Alive!

So, I guess with Ben Preston winning the District 2 Election, it wasn't the end of the world.  So congratulations, Ben and Company.  You guys won a helluva race, unseen in District 2 history.  Actually all of the camps did a wonderful job considering they had only a little over a month to get the job done.

The turnout was dismal and if you read my Facebook Wall Post immediately after then you know how I really feel about it.  Out of 8,639 registered voters, yesterdays Special Election saw 663 (7.67%) civic minded and caring individuals come out and voice their opinions on who should take over the District 2 mantle.

I am going to say this now and forever be pissed about it.  To the 663 people who voted, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  To the District 2 individuals that decided to stay home and watch Soap Operas and then re-runs of Oprah, you can all go SUCK IT!

I can already hear the loud blah, blah, blah, blah...from those individuals that I know didn't come out and vote, but will be the loudest in the chorus of complainers when something doesn't go their way and definitely in October when they get their first bills, which include the 10% Utility Tax that only two of the candidates from yesterday's race opposed and spoke out against, neither of them won.

Yesterday's "Mantra" in all the camps was "If you don't vote you can't complain", to which I added "If you're currently complaining then get out and Vote!"

I know the poor turnout is a National problem, which I hope is overcome by the 2012 election because on the National level we have to get out and vote, but if this was any indication of the outcome in the 2012 election then we are in big trouble.  Especially if the GOP puts up someone like Colin Powell, Condellezza Rice, Allen West, Curtis James Jackson III (AKA 50 Cent), Micheal Steele, Herman Cain, or other prominent African-American Republicans.  It is obvious that the GOP has learned how to put aside their racist motivations and do what it needs to do to keep control, as made evident when they selected Sarah Palin to counter Barrack Obama in the 2008 Election Cycle.  The Democrats put up their first African-American for the top job and the GOP put up their first Female to play the second fiddle, so they are not above doing what it takes.

Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday, saw Mayor, Peggy Noland come out to the precincts and show her support for Ben Preston bringing chairs and umbrellas and other news, as well as numerous Firefighters and other individuals that reside outside of District 2.  Heck, even one Chaz Stevens came out to precinct A015 (The Palms) and show his support for Ben Preston.  I am gonna say this because i'm American and I have Free Speech, Just from the support shown it is obvious that Ben Preston had not only the support of the 216 voters that elected him to office, but also major support from the City, so I think it is safe to say that he is the City's Man and I am glad that he won.

I know I will work tirelessly to help create the District 2 that he and the City wants to see, District 2 deserves it!!!

I am asking all District 2 residents and by all I mean even the ones who didn't vote, to support Mr. Preston and the City in their mission to unify and improve District 2, in their image.  I know I for one can't wait to see how this one turns out!

You know something screw this...I tried to be nice, but before I can be nice I have to be real and just get this venom out of my system and I suggest all 446 of you who didn't vote for him do the same.  So, we can fully support Ben and do what is best for our community and that is getting involved in our local government, getting educated on the issues and not just listening to the hype being spewed by those who would see this District in ruin just for 30 pieces of silver.  That is not to say that a number of those 446 is not out for their thirty pieces too...that is why it wouldn't matter if we educated ourselves and got the facts ourselves and stop depending on others to spoon feed us information because sometimes you may get arsenic instead of applesauce.  District 2 has seen its share Arsenic laced spoons full of sugar!

Ben Preston, who was heavily supported by those main political figures who saw to it that 106 City workers got fired, who saw to it that the Mango Festival was dismantled, who will see to it that life in Da'field does not resemble anything like we knew it.  Now they are out to overthrow the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority and transplant someone like Chaz Stevens and other cronies onto its board to enact their will.  So, I guess even if he had support by Lucifer, some of us would have voted for him.  Yesterday, I heard someone say they were Blessed and highly favored in the first response was to gag and then I thought "well hell so was Judas Iscariot and for that matter GOD loved Lucifer above all others before the Fall".

I sincerely hope that my nightmares do not come true in relation to what I feel is going to happen in this community because it's residents are to lazy to speak out, act up, Get involved, and vote.  I know this is gonna turn a lot of people against me, but at this point in this District, when people say there are for you, those are the ones you have to be most careful of.  So, I can go into this new District 2 era with "Eye's Wide Shut" and Wishful Thinking.  Some people are going to say how you can fully support someone that you distrust, it's possible.  We as humans do it all the time!  I personally like Ben Preston, but I don't trust his politics and motives.  He is right to say that he has to earn District 2's respect.  I respect him as a man and person, but politically that is where it ends.  In the same manner in which I like Colin Powell (he seems like a great guy), but I wouldn't trust him with my political life.

Deerfield Beach District 2, your inaction may have cost you dearly, I sincerely hope it is not as chaotic and apocalyptic as I envision with Ben Preston, Peggy and the City's choice, at the helm.  God, did you see the Sun-Sentinel video with her sitting at the table during his victory party...was any District 2 resident invited because from the video it would appear not.  I just can not wrap my mind around how anyone could vote for a person being supported by the very devil that has made it their personal political mission to destroy you.  Peggy Noland and friends, who taxed you saying you are a burden on the City,  that if the City didn't get lights you would be knocking them down and stealing their purses, that you don't pay your fair share, that they will continue to fire/layoff the General Employees when they need extra cash and they don't care because you don't vote.  You are the same people that would vote for Barabbas, instead of Jesus (Matthew 27:15-26). (I know that is a bit extreme, but serves its purposes for my perspective of the event.)

District 2 we have to do better if we want better.  Stop being bought and bossed, get off your asses and get the real facts.  Stop allowing yourselves to be spoon fed arsenic laced sugar because you don't like the taste of truth.  The truth ain't gonna kill ya, it can only help to set you free but that damn arsenic sure will be teh death of us all.  I would hate to see that!

 So, I will continue to bring my brand of spicy truth, raw truth, and unmitigated, unfiltered, unbiased, un-bought, and un-bossed perspective to the table and to the streets of Deerfield Beach, even if only a few listen.

I'm done, venom is out and I can now move forward and support the winner of the election with a pure heart and mind.

I urge everyone to get involved, get educated on the issues, and come out to each and every community meeting, commission meeting, budget workshop, CDBG public hearing, Public hearing, workshop, any thing that City has that we begin attending and learning.  We are far behind and need to catch up!

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