Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Thank You to All Her Haters!

Awarded to Chaz Stevens, March 10, 2011
Well, it seems some in the blogosphere just can’t take defeat.  If you don’t know, I am talking about a certain self-proclaimed “politician-slayer”, who has made it his prerogative to “take down” certain members of the Deerfield Beach City Commission, namely City Commissioner Sylvia Poitier and ex-Commissioner Gloria Battle. 

For the last two to three years he has consistently and persistently posted negative articles regarding these two.  Focusing mainly on Commissioner Poitier and it would seem that he focused his smear campaign on them in an attempt to discredit them and get them arrested.  Well, even after all the legal inquiries were concluded and all the reports had been issued and all of his smear tactics had been exhausted, his two victims were still standing, neither in jail.
Well March 8, 2011, Deerfield Beach District 2 ignored his verbal attacks; we wiped clean the smear he attempted to spread across her name.  In an overwhelming majority of the ballots cast, District 2 shouted out that they still believed in Commissioner Poitier and that no matter what her naysayers posted, printed (or not printed), reported, shouted, or even telegraphed about her, we still believe.  District 2 re-elected Commissioner Poitier, to the shock and disbelief of her opponents.  She now has the 4 more years that she asked for so she can continue the good works that she started over 35 years ago.  District 2 asked for change and we are going to stand behind Commissioner Poitier to achieve our goals.  We will no longer sit idly by and allow the city to run over us and we will be holding them accountable for past transgressions against us.

Three Jackasses in Da'field,
Names intentionally withheld to protect their identity.
I would like to personally thank you, your “MAOS” and others because without all of your efforts keeping her name out there, she probably would not have been re-elected.  So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!  And I want you guys to give yourselves a pat on the back, too.  I’d do it, but I’d be using my foot in a different area of your backside…figuratively of course.

By the way, the whole of Broward had low voter turnout; so her win is still significant.  If you really want to see the black community stand up and scream, keep messing with Commissioner Poitier.  I can assure you our voices will be heard and you might not like what happens. 

MApologies On Smashing
You seem to be getting a little pathetic with your attempts and we all wish that you would stop shaking your fist in the air because you’ve never scared any of us.  It’s time for you to bark up a different tree, buddy, before this one falls on you and you are crushed by the weight of it.

Thank you for all of your support


Concerned Troll, Retard, Local Conspiracy Theorist

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