Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deerfield Beach City Management responds to allegations??? Well, sort of.

OK, looks like I have made the big time and “He Who Shall Not Be Named” has given me a nickname that I wear proudly “Did Not Finish” or “DNF” for short.  Isn’t that cute?  I am glad to see that my words have reached the pinnacle of the blogosphere and fallen right into the lap of the Hanson/Klopp attack dog. 

I am shaking in my "DC's"...Laughable!

I am going to take a line from his own page August 16, 2008 in the post titled “Discredit the Messenger”-

“What the **** does my past personal life and actions have to do with the ills in town?” 

It’s sweet that you think Commissioner Poitier or Mr. Scott has anything to do with my blog.  Let me let you and the rest of your ilk in on a little secret.  Well, it’s not a secret because anyone who knows me (and trust me, you will get to me know, too) knows that may words cannot be bought.  I cannot be bossed.  So you make reference to my past and my compulsion to start things and not finish them, i.e my full Florida Merit Scholarship to Florida State University (I guess that was a hand-out, too!), which I blew because honestly I just wasn’t feeling school.  Do I wish I had stayed and completed it, NO! Hell No!  Keiser College same thing, Hell No. Jobs, I have had many and have left many of them on a whim or because I got bored.    There are many things I have never finished and many more that I never started, such as beating on women, stealing from the City I reside in, getting arrested (is that shocking to you that a young black male has never been arrested) and I have never been a "Toy" (do I look like Richard Pryor)...So, "DNF" I shall proudly be from this moment forward.  That’s just me, I’m a Sagittarius!!!

Now, let me say a little something to those “assclowns” at the City, Hanson Klopp, and Ganz. I really don’t appreciate the cowardly way you responded to my email.  Can you please refrain from spending any more of the city’s money on “He who must not be named”, since he appears to be your hitman for hire.  How much is his work costing the city and its residence? 

**Assclown- One, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society's collective underwear.

Could anyone of those assclowns in the City Manager’s office respond to me directly?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very flattered that you got him to do your dirty work for you as I admire that douchebag for the work that he has done.  I take his attack as a personal compliment.  But, like I previously said, I don’t appreciate the fact that you assclowns didn’t address me yourselves.  Since, I sent the emails to City Management, not to a certain blogger.  Makes you wonder…hmmmmm????? (You fill in the blank.)  I guess City Management didn’t have time to respond to a Deerfield Beach resident because they were too busy devising ways to justify their frivolous expenditures and re-organizing/re-dedicating employees to other task like pilfering the City’s coffers and forwarding sensitive information to their hitman. 

I do have one question; however, how did that non-city employee (HWMNBN) get information relating to people’s private personnel files.  For him to detail that these raises were not merit based and just handouts…he would have had to review each recipient’s personnel record to verify that their annual reviews did not merit a raise.  He says he did this investigation back in 2008, maybe I overlooked it, but I didn’t see any of his post from 2008 that remotely resembled his current disdain with the City’s handing out of “merit raises”.  Could you please show me your source so I can verify the legitimacy of your claims that the only individuals’ eligible that didn’t get a “handout” was 4 Whites and 1 Hispanic. 

*Did you guys meet in some abandoned warehouse or maybe an empty parking lot to pass information to “He Who Shall Not Be Named”?

I just want to say to anyone reading this, “I have never suggested or implied that I am an investigative blogger. I did however advise that I will be giving my perspective on events.  As such, if you don’t like my perspective of you or any other individual then take it up with me directly don’t send your flunky.  It just reinforces the notion that you are an assclowns.  Get over yourselves…I Have!

Oh, BTW "HWSNBN" are you now comparing the workers who got "merit raises" to dogs?  If so, then according to your own calculations you are a racist.  I don't want to believe, though.

Deerfield Beach we deserve better.

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  1. I truly agree. Lets take them to jail were they belong,taken money from the citizen of our city. Should they be paid that money?


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