Friday, April 15, 2011

Buddy Nevins, No Buddy of Mine.

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I wonder what Peggy Noland has to say about all this attention Chaz is bringing to our little City. Especially since it was he who exposed her back in 2009 regarding the JB’s on the Beach incident. To sounds alot like Poitier. I really hope the City is hooting and hollering when she and others outside of the black community gets there’s. A city divided will never stand! I guess that’s why this town is falling apart at its’ proverbial seams. All that’s falling out is Scooter Poop!

Mr. Nevins, I guess it's about time that you conducted an interview. From the list of fluffy questions you asked, it's obvious that to get this interview you had to grant Mr. Domestic Violence himself approval rights.  But, good for you at least you investigated and got the spelling of his name right.  
Only, to bad it's after the fact and all the heavy lifting is done.  Maybe, you guys will catch the next one and get a "Chazzy" for yourself.  Isn't that something to aspire, too?  Then you can get a Pete Rose, or even an OJ,  Heck, you can even reach so high as to obtain the coveted Chris Brown award...awarded to only the vilest of creatures.  

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