Friday, April 15, 2011

Chaz Stevens, This Is More Interesting !!!!!!!

A more interesting reason for someone to provide public information is just that to provide public information.  When certain people blatantly lie and accuse others of intentionally doing seems quite fitting to post the truth about situations.  "Weavers of lies" deserve to have the truth published about them.  Now, causing harm to anyone or anything has never been the intent of this blog or any that I know of...well, except one... Maybe Another One Should be ashamed of himself for lying.

Let anyone who you might tell come to my door and I will be glad to tell them my whereabouts at the time when a certain someone stated their family pet was harmed.  You may have vet bills proving the severity of illness, but you also have post, dated post I might add, indicating the health concerns of the same family pet.  So, it's time to squash the lies and only provide truth.  

Maybe, law enforcement should be addressing the issue of you trying to (in my opinion) black mail elected officials for appointment to certain Housing Boards... So Alert That!!!  I know my spidey senses have been tingling and alerted me to the levels to which you will stoop to inflict personal damage on someone, so maybe you should now be the one concerned about law enforcement.

To see the possible black mail check out

In this blog post you addressed a letter to the obviously and blatantly corrupt Deerfield Beach City Mayor, Peggy Noland, reminding her that YOU posted video of her husband, Howard Noland (A guy who sits at a fire station and collects a city check along with her son I might add.  Ummm Is her daughter still working at the Deerfield Beach Community Pool??), committed Workers Comp fraud.  Which I might add that you brought to light, but for some reason did not address further, even when you found that she committed an even worse incident of "Conflict of Interest" in 2009 regarding JB's on the Beach, one of her major campaign contributors that same year, submitted a bid to procure a coveted space on Deerfield's Beach.  Do you remember that, you emailed the City Attorney informing him of said situation, which he quickly addressed at the very next meeting, but since Sylvia is possibly going down for the possibility of a conflict...why are you not bragging about this.  After all, you did uncover it and post about it...

Yeah I got the info from your blog...thanks for the heads up, buddy.  I also got this little nugget that you again dropped the ball on.  Mayor Noland got how much in scholarship money from Founder's Day.  Why did you not keep pursuing these allegations so doggedly against the white politician in Deerfield.  Any Good NAACP member would kept digging into this obvious corruption that they uncovered.  This baffles me, you baffle me...But you are a genius, afterall

On another note, if you are in California, how could you pick up those public records request you ordered today 15/4/11.  Perhaps, someone was standing there when you got that ring-a-linga-ling on your phone.  

I was picking up some request myself and overheard the convo.  How'd you like them apples, California Chaz.

BTW, your whereabouts, location, home address, phone number, etc... is no concern of mine or any associate, friend, relative, acquaintance, or other.  So get over yourself...I am not the one lying and I am not the one who has been caught lying.  Look back to a little case back in 2004 up in Palm Beach, when you utilized these same tactics to get a case thrown out.  Diversion, diversion, diversion.  Good Go, you and the other 4 Horsemen have that mastered.

Oh, you ask who the other three Horsemen are...identities to be revealed later, so stay tuned.

OK, OK, I'll give you a hint...ready


Wait for it...

Wait for it.....


The Four Horsemen...Ok, this really isn't them.  You'll just have to wait...

Just Kidding, but seriously the other 2 work for the City of Deerfield Beach in upper level positions (one is not who you think...that guy couldn't find his way out of paperbag w/o 1 of the Horsemen's help), the other has aspirations of becoming the city's Mayor...hopefully that bid fails...

Oh and Chaz, with your immeasurable intelligence it baffles me that you haven't figured out that I don't blame you for anyone's trouble(s).  However, what I do blame you for is dropping the ball on the most obvious crooks and robbers in Deerfield and focusing your attentions on the individual(s) and departments that basically affect the black community here in Deerfield Beach.  You initiated your quest and was getting real work done, to take a word from a local, "Cleansing" the City of it's ills.  Then something happened...What I can only speculate...

I asked you before in our first online meeting on your blog..Where is the money?  Did Kessler really follow the money or did he focus on the area to divert everyones attention from the real culprits...Answer that??? 

Now, this is more interesting...Wouldn't you all agree???  

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