Friday, April 8, 2011

Lessons Learned and a Mongoose Set Free in a Viper Pit.

Lesson(s) Learned!

Hahahahaha...that is so funny! Now, Chaz Stevens aka "He Who Shall Not Be Named" is requesting email documentation between myself and Commissioner Poitier.

What a joke!!!!   LAUGHABLE, HE IS. (In my Yoda voice)

***Mongoose here, and I love the taste of viper..with a side of grits and a 
big ol' glass of red kool-aid.***

You may recall a little blog post of mine entitled Deerfield Beach City Management responds to allegations??? Well, sort of. , that I posted on March 30, 2011 where I stated the following: 

 "There are many things I have never finished and many more that I never started, such as beating on women, stealing from the City I reside in, getting arrested (is that shocking to you that a young black male has never been arrested) and I have never been a "Toy" (do I look like Richard Pryor)...So, "DNF" I shall proudly be from this moment forward.  That’s just me, I’m a Sagittarius!!!"

So, I guess Commissioner Poitier is a fan because she has read my blog and used information from it.  Big whoop!!!  

Sue me directly, Chaz, since she relied on information from my blog.  Heck, does Commissioner Poitier even know how to use email???  Your guess is as good as mine.  I actually wish you would sue me, so I can get legal counsel to cross examine you about your relationship with City of Deerfield Beach Management staff or other elected officials.  I would hate to think that they would slip you information because that wouldn't be fair.  I have to look high and low in the tightest cyber crevices of the internet for my information.  To which, I post links so people can go back and get the information themselves.  Can you say the same???

I am personally glad that Poitier called you out on your possible Domestic Violence issues.  I can't wait until certain public records in Palm Beach will be available pick up.  Now those I will post here so Poitier and her legal counsel (which I hope she does retain so she can continue to defend herself against you and your libelous and slanderous personal attacks on her.) can address your accusations of slander. 

So attach me to your lawsuit, so I can grandstand, too.  You have become expert at it and I am learning from you.  So, I thank you for the education!

And to address your insinuations against poor Linda Hunter, who is a clerk at the city who has (from what I hear) performed her job diligently for years and has acquired years of experience as an assistant to City Managers and Commissioners, alike.  Do you think I have ever contacted her.  I met her for the first time on Tuesday April 5, 2011 while waiting for my meeting with the City Manager, so request away douche-bag.  I have nothing to hide from anyone...because I know  "What's done in the dark, shall soon come to light"..And Thank You Sunshine Laws, for allowing people like us to illuminate corruption, political bigotry and racism, and under handed dealings between, well I will not say but you draw your own conclusion.  

So, to poor Linda, I apologize to you and I don't know why he included you in his grandstand appeal to the masses, because that is all it is.  I guess he figures because you are a black woman and I am a black man that we talk or that we know each other...Wrong, buddy!  Oh, so wrong. We don't all know each other and most of us are very competent and can hold an intelligent conversation, while looking a person of the another race in their many of your pals can say that???

But, I digress and I had promised myself that I would not lower myself to your level.  So, now that I have addressed your lesson plan 1, I will address lesson plan 2.  

I will continue to (as you said) "Fuck with you", as you have done to so many.  How does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot.  The Master has now become the servant...

Step your game up, buddy!  If you want to play in my court, you need bigger balls.  

You were right, in your post to Mayor Peggy Noland on April 5, 2011 at 9:57 pm where you admonish her for snickering when Commissioner Poitier announced that you had been arrested in Palm Beach County.  Domestic Violence is not a laughing matter and cases and incidents of should be taken seriously.
People who are adjudicated guilty for "violating injunctions for protection against domestic violence" against any person(s) rather that person be their wife, girlfriend, lover, partner, booty-call, whatever...should be held accountable.  I think it most be said that Palm Beach county does a great job with handling those repeat offenders...because once they are adjudicated guilty they usually turn their lives around.  Wouldn't you say?  Or they just go out and find girlfriends who won't report them to the "Po Po". (That is the police, if you got confused, but something tells me you didn't.) 

Do you know anyone who the above may apply to?  I find it hilarious that a play on words could be used as political subterfuge to hide, such an apparently disturbed persons motives of trying to totally obliterate an elected officials career and personal life just for readership.   So, bring on the lawsuit.

This lesson has been brought to you by the lovely people at the Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptrollers office, the Palm Beach County Division of Family Affairs and Domestic Violence, KM, all of those people who you have pissed off over the years, and the Concerned Citizens of the City of Deerfield Beach.

PS. No need for a public records request for this one...

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