Sunday, June 12, 2011

David Cody Screaming Across the Deerfield Beach Blogosphere at Chaz Stevens!!!!!

I hope you guys don't mind me shouting across the blogosphere, but I think this needs to be said.

CHAZ STEVENS, nobody cares what you or those people you insinuated at City Hall think.  Those same people are the problem with this City and not to long ago had the same opinion of you, duh!!!!.  So do you see the relevance and importance that I pay to their opinions.  Their facts are skewed because they wont even look at all of them and expect us to trust their words, sorry no longer.

So what has their costly educations afforded them except narrow mindedness.  

No Business, No City can succeed with the model(s) you and your cronies have planned and enacted on this City.  

We are our own unique City, so please either stop comparing us to other cities when it suits you and then scream that we can't be compared on other issues when it doesn't. Like some guy on the DIAS is famous for saying "It's like comparing apples to apples". 

It makes you look stupid!

Trust me!  

You and your people up at City Hall have tried everything, disparaging my name by calling me a dog killer,  a pedophile, a troll, a conspiracy theorist, fat albert, a turd, stupid, and now a thief.  Thankfully, more residents in Deerfield Beach have common sense than degrees and they know when they are being hosed.  That should have been made crystal clear at the June 7 meeting.  

*The City even tried to hinder me in getting public records request fulfilled, hopefully the Broward SAO, Tim Donnelly, will be calling them soon to find out what happened.


And Most recently the City's little trick regarding the qualification of a candidate (see my post entitled "Deerfield Beach District 2 Make Sure to Read the Instructions for Yourself..."

Oh, if you didn't know, yep that is about Deerfield Beach City Hall and thankfully, I always bring a witness because of the unscrupolus characters that float around up there.  

It is time for a change and right now the District 2 City Commissioner can bring light to it, so we need someone who will not be afraid to look at all the options and to call these people out.  This is what they are really afraid of, someone like me who calls it like it is, tells the whole story, and am not a puppet being pulled by theirs or anyone else's strings.  This is very frightening for them because they know that if I am elected District 2 City Commissioner then they will not have as easy a time fleecing the people as they have become accustomed to.

They have made it very apparent that they don't care about the people, so it's time the people take back our City and our City Hall.  

Oh, Chaz. I wish your friends at the City would stop putting your name on the written request and then you not show up. Other truly concerned citizens could have that space that you are wasting! 

Also, you of all people should want to support this effort to have the Commission meetings truly opened up to the public.  Heck, that would have helped you back when you were actually helping the City, instead of now enacting revenge on the DBHA.  You are no longer in high school...give up the childishness and grow up.  At least grow a pair!  

Last childish quip, I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say, still smells like excrement and I just put my shovel away!

(the above is a reference to my post "Is A Degree Necessary to Shovel Bull****? Apparently so, in Deerfield Beach: Work Experience for NASA, Also a Plus") 

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