Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chaz Stevens: The Un-American Confederate

How many people in Deerfield or America period,  have not voted for a politician that may or may not have done something illegal?  Unfortunately, as of late, that number is quickly dwindling with the rise of politicians being brought up on charges of something or another.  So this brings me to my concern.

According to Chaz "I've never been arrested in Palm Beach" Stevens, the Americans residing in District 2 who voted for either Poitier or Battle, somehow forfeited their Constitutional rights.

Is it even possible to do such a thing based on a past vote?  Is it even possible to have your Constitutional rights revoked based on your past votes or lack thereof?

If this is the case then those people who voted for Former President Nixon or a Bush (any of the three), you have lost yourights as an American to participate in the political process , as guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.

If you voted Gonot, Capellini, or Noland then you have also lost yourights.

Heck, if you voted for any Broward County School Board member then you have lost yourights.

At least according to Chaz Stevens, who apparently has dropped his mantle as corrupt politician slayer and picked up moniker "The Un-Constitutional Confederate"-Fighting for Injustice for Self-loathing woman haters everywhere who need the approval of the mass public to build their self-esteem and self-image.

He also asserted that somehow, all of Deerfield Beach's problems are the fault of the residents of District 2 and their voting patterns.  

Has he not read his own blog for the last 5 years...if I am not mistaken I didn't vote for Gonot, Capellini, or I at least get to keep 1/4 of my Americans rights, Mr. Stevens.  Or does voting for Poitier automatically negate yourights.  If so , I am asking for an appeal.  Oops, Ganz won't allow that because I am a District 2 resident and don't agree with him.

So, I say to all of you reading this, please consider your source.  This is the same guy who retired in 2009 because his dog was dying, then in 2011 that same dog was somehow poisoned by me (coincidentally at the same time I was about to post about his criminal past and abuses to woman in Palm Beach, as alluded to by then Commissioner Sylvia Poitier).  The same guy who post about everyone under the moons past and then tells us that his past is no bodies business.  The same guy told us that Noland and her brood were crooks and ethically and morally bankrupt (at least he got that one right).  The same guy who now, un the behest of Bill Ganz is calling me a "pedo" (British slang term for pedophile).  The same man who claimed to by a humanitarian and passionate about civil liberties and yet he would say something so discriminatory and obviously and as blatantly un-American as Osama Bin Laden, by insinuating that because someone voted for an unpopular candidate, outside their community, they somehow forfeit theirights as Americans.

Again, I repeat, if Chaz Stevens is right or you believe as he does then voting should stop right now because we all at one time or another have voted for someone who may or may not have later turned out to be not what we thought...Any Scott supporters in the house!  Rick Scott, not Terry.

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