Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deerfield Beach District 2: July 19, 2011 Approaches Where Are the Leaders?

I want to set the record straight.

I feel that my job in my community is to inform people on the issues.  Presently, outside of the Utility tax and the fact that we don't have representation, my goal is identify those who would step away from the pack and lead District 2 toward a better future, beginning with the July 19, 2011 Special Election.  I have expressed this in many ways, here and in my discussions with those possible and supposed leaders.  

I have expressed my opinions on the current and past state of this district and highlighted some of the problems with the people, the community, the City, and those that were sworn to serve and protect us.

I have gotten from behind this monitor and stepped out away from the pack and tried in my way to lead us toward getting involved and becoming aware of the issues so we can make informed decisions that will benefit this community as a whole, so in that regard I am a leader.

[I encourage all individuals who look to lead District 2 and Deerfield Beach, now and forever more, to visit and read ]

What I may not have done is express my disdain for those who hold apparent and historical positions of leadership, such as minority elected officials, church leaders, organization leaders, and others who should be talking up for those individuals in this same community who may not or cant speak for themselves.

I have taken a lot of flak for this and I say, oh well. It comes with the territory.  I give of my time freely and the only thing I ask in return is that others take up the charge with me, so we can all benefit.  I know this is a novel ideal to some and some can't even grasp the concept, so they lash out, get frustrated, and think that I am attacking them.

Well, I say to that...

If the shoe fits...If I have said anything here that offends you or bothers you then it must mean that you find some truth in it and think it is directed at you.  If your name ain't on it, then you shouldn't touch it (the subject that is).

The black community has spent decades fighting amongst ourselves trying to individually assert our own authority, when that is not the way to even begin to play the game.  Martin knew this and Malcolm came to the realization, also.  Our community has lost sight of the messages that were shouted in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's.  We have been so blinded by our progress in the ability to shop at Sear's, to walk into the front entrance of a restaurant, to be lawyers, judges, entrepreneurs, CEO's, Legislators, and even now President.  We are deaf to the cries of our ancestors and the plights of the least fortunate of us because we have the music of Lil Wayne, Eminem, Beyonce and Jay-Z blasting in our ears.  The lights from our television sets while watching Tyler Perry movies, and playing X-Box, or PlayStation have taken our eyes off the prize of total equality.  All otheraces and creeds have not done so, they have all of these things, but they temper them with history lessons and focusing on education instead of entertainment.  We as a people have failed in our duties as left to us by Martin, Malcolm, and others and we have sold out their dream for I-phones and I-pads, expensive clothes, cars, jewelry, and a little social climbing on ladder that was built to trip you up the closer you get to the top.  Don't believe me, ask Tiger Woods, Micheal Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Mike Tyson, and all of those who have attempted before them. 

Our leaders have pushed us aside so they can drive around in Escalades and take trips across the country.  Our Civil rights groups have been relagated to Non-Profit institutions who because we don't fund and support them have become political prostitutes with Corporations, Cities, and Government entities as their pimps.  They would sell us out for a building with their name on it, or a bigger church, or a better seat at the table.  They have moved away from the grassroots level(s) that made the progress achieved by Martin and Malcolm possible.  In doing this they have lost touched with the people that they were intended to help and the people in turn lost faith in them.  A vicious cycle, which tends to make the political savvy and politically connected the beneficiary of all of the past leaders hardworks. Leaving out and behind the undereducated, the poor, and many others that Civil rights leaders dreams intended to benefit. 

The Black community has a lot of work to do to make up the ground that we have lost, some that we have given away, and some that we allowed to be taken. A few others and myself intend to start that work up here in Deerfield Beach.  

I think that I have made it crystal that our leaders need to be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof in the game we call politics.  We need to make sure the concessions that our leaders make do not include the loss of or lessening of ourights, which are not theirs to decrease or give away.  But with that said we have to be willing to fight for them.  By fight I mean, educate yourselves, get involved, vote, and speak out.  This will ensure, no matter who is leading, that we as a people are moving in the direction that best serves all of our purposes, which is the purpose to live our lives in the pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.  

Because we have not done this in the past, others feel it is ok to take liberties with our liberty.  They play with our lives to make their own financial gain.  In doing so prevent, hinder, and destroy our chance at happiness.

This has to stop.  A new day has come.  Our mission and objective is clear.  

I already know that many, in my own community would see me silenced or talk against this effort because what I am proposing is not conducive to their personal agendas and promises and agreements that they have made.  Well, those agendas, promises, and agreements were not made in my best interest and were not made in community's best interest.  It is time we take back our power and stop sitting back and allowing this to occur.  Do not let anyone else's opinion "color" your views or stop you from at least checking into something at least once.  If you don't agree with the message being presented then you have every right to not come back, but to not show up because of someone else's opinion.  Well, if it's not your own opinion you can not be truly sure of anyone else's motives and if they have your best interest in mind.  

I will not elaborate further on this subject as not to ruffle to many feathers at this time, but everyone in District 2 knows exactly what I am talking about and if I have to be the first to openly discuss it and state it so that it can addressed and corrected.  Then I accept!

What will you accept? 

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