Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deerfield Beach District 2 Got the Straps of the City's Parks Budget

I went to the Deerfield Beach Budget Meeting and with all the talk about grants and funding this City received for improvements to parks this budget cycle only about $80,000 ( no more than $200,000) total was actually spent in District 2 at Mayo Howard Park.  Trust me when I say the numbers are astronomical what the City spent on Parks across Deerfield, just not in District 2.  For instance the removal of half the amenities at Pioneer Park, which now have to be replaced.  Also the acquisition of lands at Quiet Waters for more baseball and softball fields.  Plus, Tam O' Shanter and apparently Kristin Jacobs, Broward County Commissioner has already earmarked $250,000 for some of these ventures as well as making it easy to expand on the City's green spaces.  I have to reiterate here that with the all the additions, renovations, improvements, etc... to all the other parks, District 2's Westside Park still does not have all the amenities the City promised back in 1993 with a bond issue.  $40,000,000.00 in bonds later we are still paying the property tax but have not gotten the park they promised and all the other parks have been expanded upon, improved upon, or newly created.  

Now it all fits that when I talked to her aid Marsha trying to get our Commissioner to mention this situation to the news,  why she kept talking to me about the benefits of expanding our Green Spaces and the fact that our City was way under.  She also tried desperately to convince me that there was something that could be said at Tuesday meeting that would convince Ganz, Noland, and Popelsky to table or vote no on the Utility tax.  Well Marcia, we see how that worked out didn't we, but I am sure you knew that what the end result would be the whole time.  

I say this to President Obama who on May 19,  stated that we should help the Middle East establish a Democracy like ours.  With the experience that 8,000 plus residents in Deerfield Beach District 2 have had with that Democracy, I am sure the Middle Eastern peoples are better off with what they got.  At least there Government is honest about why they are in power.  They do not hide behind old documents and then don't actually enforce them or do the basic jobs that you were elected and swore an oath to do.  The people know exactly where they stand!!!

[Note:  The City just had a vote to spend about $60,000 for a playground set to be constructed in the Hammocks complex at Riverglen Park.  Does anyone know if this is a private community or is this land actually owned by the City, if it is owned by the City will all residents have equal access to the park and it's amenities because I would love to BBQ out there.  It is watermelon season after all, I think.  Oh, what am I saying I hate watermelon.]

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