Friday, June 3, 2011

Announcement to the Citizens of Deerfield Beach

Mohammed Bouazizi 

Click and read! 

Is this what it will take in Deerfield Beach?

As a democracy it would be ashame that something like that would have to happen in this small town.

*Update 6/7/2011

Apparently, this post has stirred up a lot of controversy in the Chaz Stevens head, and apparently a few of his limmings have taken to their cell phones and expressed a concern about the above post.  Which is indicative of the mindset of that crowd, and it's unfortunate that many of them help run this City...WOW!!!

Anyway, this post is clearly to get you to read the story of Mohammed, (BTW I got this information from the speech given by President Barrack Obama on May 19, 2011 about the Middle East).

So today when I got a call from Chief Pete Sudler Deerfield Beach BSO, advising me that the Chazinites are running a foul with this...I laughed, but then became seriously worried and concerned.  Especially considering the fact that Chaz on his blog has indicated that I poisoned his dog, that I am pedophile or pedophile supporter, and now he is spouting that I am either a suicidal jihadist or have homicidal intentions toward our City Commissioners.  Now, if this has the affect that his pedophile post has had, when people in the community have come up to me and called me pedophile and actually spit at me.  

Hopefully, the lemmings actually read the information provided by the link right above the line "Click and read" and not take Chaz's word for it.  

It is actually funny to think that our City is now at the beck and call of someone like Chaz Stevens.  When are we going to say enough is enough.  How many people have to be verbally accosted by this guy and his Chazinites before someone besides myself and Bett Willett actually stand up to them.  

What I will do is state the obvious intention of this post.  Many people in this community feel completely ignored by our City and those same people feel victimized by our City.  We have reached to them and to no avail.  Now, we as Americans will not do something as drastic as set ourselves on fire, so in the same manner President Obama stated this story.  I did the same, so that people would see the lengths some people have to go to to have their voices heard in the Middle East and we are here in America.  So, in this regard is the government of Deerfield Beach any different from the government that caused poor Mohammed to ignite himself.

It's unfortunate that I had to come back and explain that to possibly highly educated individuals with degrees and such...lmao.  It is obvious that having a degree does not mean you are intelligent.  

I guess the bright side here is...If I was foolish enough to do what Chaz insinuates, we have a very expensive and highly trained Fire and Rescue Dept. to help's obvious that Mohammed would have benefited from the level of service that we are paying a pretty penny for in Deerfield Beach.

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