Thursday, June 16, 2011

Campaign Announcement for David Cody, Deerfield Beach District 2 City Commissioner

I've had to break my own rules and support a candidate on my blog.  

That candidate is David Cody, "The Strictly for the People" candidate.  Also known as "ME".

I've had to fight with City Hall just to become a candidate, I had to fight with them just to get them to advertise my name along with the other candidates on the City's website (which has now been corrected).  It has become painfully aware to me and many that they don't want me on the Commission.  I wonder why?  Could it be because they know I will fight for the people and make sure that the City Commission and City Staff are doing their jobs and not just doing the bidding of a select few.  

So, they have forced me to take matters into my own hands and support my own candidacy.  I still believe that political blogs should provide the information and let the people decide. But, since the other candidates have publicity with their names on the ballot and their candidacy listed in the local newspaper, I had to try and level the field and promote myself.

So, all District 2 registered voters, if you want youvoices heard and you want someone on the Commission who will fight for you, then Vote for the write-in Candidate David Cody, he's strictly for the people.

Contact me at 954-899-0157 or email me at

Electioneering communication approved by David Cody, non-partisan, Deerfield BEach City Commission District 2.

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