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Mike Weiss=Chaz Stevens=Disaster for Deerfield Beach Housing Authority and the People That They Help.(Updated)

Since Chaz Stevens cares so much about the DBHA emails...i'll post what I sent.  I wasn't going to do such to avoid painting Commissioner Mike Weiss, as if he is bought and bossed by Chaz Stevens to the public.  But since someone (probably Mike Weiss) found the time to inform him, like he is a Commissioner on the DBHA, then I will post that email here.

PS. I see what Jeff Sayles means when he references Chaz Stevens propensity to steal because Chaz has found the need to steal a pic of me from this very blog.  I'm so glad it's a cute one...

Without further ado...the email

Below is a quote taken directly from Chaz Stevens, who was recently denied appointment to the DBHA because he was found to be (in the court of public opinion, at least) a racist, a vindictive and maniacal meglamaniac whose antics would not be conducive to that commission to perform its duties.

Pardon me, but you’ve been at the DBHA how long?  How many hour devoted to this matter?
The full post can be read here.
Now maybe it is just me, but if the people, nor the seemingly sane Commissioners, didn't want Chaz Stevens on the board why would we want someone on the board who is taking their marching orders directly from him!!!
Before his appointment, Mike Weiss advised Commissioner Ben Preston that he didn't know Chaz Stevens and they did not communicate, well many of us advised Commissioner Ben Preston that Mr. Weiss was a member of the Chaz Stevens boy band, "Wehrmacht" and that he took his marching orders directly from his "Fuhrer", Chaz Stevens. 
I thought the goal of these appointments was to make the DBHA perform better and protect the residents that the DBHA was designed to help.  Well, so far, what has the DBHA with these new appointments been able to accomplish.   
It would seem that Commissioner Mike Weiss, under the Waffen-SS orders of Chaz Stevens, has been solely and singled-mindedly focused (like a soldier) on Pam Davis and issues that the OIG investigation is trying to uncover and resolve.  Instead of Mike Weiss helping to create a more conducive environment for the DBHA Commissioners and staff to do their actual jobs, which is advocating for and providing affordable housing for eligible individuals and families that he stated was his sole purpose.  He has done just the opposite and has created the environment that the public fought so hard to prevent Chaz Stevens from creating.  In effect, he is hindering the DBHA staff and Commissioners from doing their jobs and performing their functions by duplicating efforts.  
So, Chaz may not be there in body, but he is there in mind and soul wreaking havoc on the business of the DBHA.  He is hindering their performance and duties by pursuing this witch-hunt.  Allen West has called the OIG here to investigate the DBHA, if Mike Weiss is not on their payroll then he should not be holding up DBHA Commission meetings with these Chaz Stevens orchestrated incidents each month at the board meetings, where the Commissioners should be discussing and votings on ways to promote and further the Agencies directives, as there are way to many people right now that could use some new intiatives and programs that a fully functioning DBHA could be sponsoring.  Instead, the Executive Director, Pam Davis, her staff, and the Commissioners are bogged down with not only supplying the OIG with the information they need to conduct their investigation of the HUD funds, but they now have to waste valuable time fending off questions and accusations from Chaz Stevens, who has admittedly on his blog indicated that this is a personal vendetta and that Mike Weiss is working for him.  
Come on, what more does it take to see that Mike Weiss, like Chaz Stevens, was not a good choice for the DBHA and should be removed immediately.  Sally Potter and Joan Maurice seem to understand that these meetings are not solely for the purpose of exacting Chaz Steven's revenge.
If the OIG, which is the investigative force with the jurisdiction to actually do anything if something is found, is asking the same questions that Chaz Stevens/Mike Weiss, who have no jurisdiction or power whatsoever, then why are we allowing Stevens/Weiss to waste the boards, the publics, and the DBHA benefactors time and money on Stevens vengeful, spiteful, and racist witch-hunt.
It's time to stop the madness and stop the WEISS-t of our time and let the authorities in the OIG do their jobs.
DBHA Commissioner Mike Weiss=racist vindictive blogger Chaz Stevens=disaster for the low and moderate income individuals that could and should be helped by the DBHA manage resources effectively, review financials and audit reports.  
Oh by the way, it's funny that Chaz Stevens accuses the DBHA staff and commissioners not under his thumb of orchestrating a "fix" to hinder Weiss at the 10/19 meeting, when he himself admittedly orchestrated a "fix" with Weiss to ask for an "emergency meeting".  He then basically screams at Commissioners Potter and Maurice for not going along with HIS plan. 
Here's a copy of an email I fired off to Maurice and Potter, hoping to get them off their collective duffs.
Commissioner Potter and Maurice;
I've heard from my people that you thought "Weiss's idea of an emergency meeting" was a bad idea.  Well, it wasn't Mike's idea, it was mine.  So you must have thought "my idea of an emergency meeting" was a bad idea. 
Which can be read here.    

I am asking the Commissioners and Mayor to step in and stop this madness.  Advise Mike Weiss to allow the OIG to do the investigating which is their job and he stick to his job as a commissioner, which is long-range planning, policy development, and fiscal oversight of the authority.  Three DBHA Commission responsibilities encompassing about 18 essential and secondary functions of which Mike Weiss is hindering all but three.  His primary goal and objective should not be to question the Executive Director on behalf of Chaz Stevens, but his objectives are clearly outlined and prescribed in the "Position Description" for a DBHA Commissioner.  

With the records proving that Mike Weiss has been mainly focused solely on an issue that the OIG investigative team is already handling, I believe that it can be easily proving that he is ineffective and neglecting the majority of his otheduties as a Commissioner of the DBHA; which in fact, is causing the other Commissioners and Staff to be ineffective and therefore should be removed in accordance with FL Statute 421.07 if he does not make a better effort of fulfilling all his duties as a DBHA Commissioners, instead of just fulfilling Chaz Stevens vindictive order to "grill" Pam Davis on issues already being looked into by the OIG.  
Chaz Stevens and Commissioner Mike Weiss can both wait like the City and the rest of the public for the OIG report to come out at the conclusion of their investigation of this matter.  Then Commissioner Mike Weiss can fulfill his essential board member function as per Number 6 of the Job Description:

Manage resources effectively. review financials and audit reports  

and then Number 2:

Hire, direct, and evaluate the Executive Director 

Which I am sure, he, Chaz, Mayor Noland, and Bill Ganz are just salivating at the moment they can do that.  So until that time you guys just have to wait and Mike Weiss needs to get down to doing the business of the DBHA, instead of the dirty work of Chaz Stevens. 

So, what do the people think?

Do we need Chaz's errand boy on the DBHA Commission.  He is his errand boy for a reason because they're friends and possibly share like-minded values, morals, and ideals.

Update 10-22-11

It would appear that Chaz Stevens has admitted that he and Mayor Peggy Noland
are co-conspirators in this matter.  Which sounds about right since she is the one who, for the second time, appointed Chaz Stevens for the Commission.

Rest assured, in the very near future, a third person will be removed from a Board, the DBHA Board to be specific, and it won’t be you. To be removed from the DBHA Board takes a motion from the Mayor. And only the Mayor. The Mayor has confided in me her desires on this issue. Like I said, it won’t be you. 
But a change is coming. If I were you, I’d start bringing my own bagels to the meeting.
Chaz, who supposedly is a friend to women because he donates money to Women in Distress (mostly likely court ordered...) and self believed non-racist because he has an NAACP card (Nathan Bedford Forrest and David Duke could have had an NAACP card too for $30.00 annual membership, membership isn`t all that exclusive.) it just goes to show that the right size donation or holding the right card can make a person totally oblivious to what and who they are and in Chaz's case well....need I say more!  

And to the Mayor Peggy Noland...I have come to expect corrupt, conniving, manipulative, vindictive political tactics from you, but this takes the cake if it's true and    it maybe the final straw!!!

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