Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can't Nobody Break-a My Stride...Can't Nobody Hold Me Down

I'm BACK!!!!

I have no idea what happened yesterday, but it appears that my blog was reported to Google as being a Spam site and filled with messages promoting "Hate".  If you don't know Google has a "Terms of Service" (TOS) agreement between them (Google) and each user (in this case "me").  They also have a policy of deleting any blog that is reported or it finds is violating the TOS agreement.  Now, they don't investigate such claims and begin the process of reinstatement of falsely accused users and blogs, unless the owner of said blog confirms their identity (they they are a human and not a and then they go through the process of verifying if the other claims are true, a process taking up to 2 business days.

Well, this all began yesterday morning at about 5am (according to the Google email I received).

I realized my blog had been deleted at about 9am and immediately started the process.

Thank God, I read up on all the ways a private person can affect this site and its contents, so I knew exactly what to do and voila, my blog is reinstated.

Who would want to shut my blog down????

 I have no clue, but it would appear that I have made many enemies at the City of Deerfield Beach, the local news media community, and that darn Chaz Stevens.  Though, I can't say for sure if one of them is involved because I am sure that that list of enemies is longer than I even I perceive and anyone may have done it.

What I can say is that I am thinking about moving this blog to a new private domain, so I won't have to deal with people trying to keep me from informing the residents and citizens of the "NEWS" about town and providing them with "My Perspective" on events that affect us all.

So keep a lookout for that could happen real soon and you will be the second or third to know.

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