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Hypocrisy and the Inquisition Alive and Well in the City of Deerfield Beach

Now, tomorrow nights City Commission meeting should be one for the records as there is so much stuff going in the City of Deerfield Beach that one only has breath and they could hit a hot button issue.

Alcoholics and drug users (Not Chaz Stevens, but apparently Florida House is in his backyard) spending millions to move into a house on the beach so that they can communally try and kick their habits, FEMA pulling a Jerry Maguire and saying "Show Me the Money" to the tune of $1.65 Million dollars, the City's water supply going untested according to federal and state regulations resulting in Department of Health mandating the City place a Public Notice (which they did, but nobody saw), the potential rescheduling of our local elections from March to November to coincide with the National and State elections so the City can save funds in this time of financial crisis that required concessions from workers and sacrifices from residents.

I can go on, but I think I will stop there...

I have been talking with people from the many political factions in Deerfield Beach, each representing their own unique positions on the political scene, and all are split on the whole Florida House issue but the majority seem to think that this will mean lower property values, bring an increase in crime, demons will roam the Earth, fire and brimstone will rain from the sky, and basically all hell will break loose.  Now, what I find funny is that some of these same people who are so appalled at there being a facility in their neighborhood to help addicts recover from narcotics and ALCOHOL dependencies, are the same people biting at the bit in support of Mayor Peggy Nolands campaign to allow folks to purchase alcohol on Sunday's before 12 pm. 

Isn't that hypocritical??  I understand that people should drink responsibly...we all get that...well many of us except maybe Chaz Stevens who, just today, posted on his MAOS site that he was an alcoholic and that his addiction is to blame for his breaking the order of protection against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (not no contact as he suggest on his site, the court document is clear),  his subsequent arrests , his credit card fraud (again the court documents are clear and the proof is in the pudding, so it is not is a proven allegation), his blackmail, his stalking, and all of his other SOCIOPATHIC behaviors.  
Apparently, he is trying to now suggest that he is not guilty of the things listed in the court case against him for which he was arrested for, had the adjudication withheld and was admittedly placed on probation for...hmmmmm
However, I must say that I am so impressed by his admissions that I am going to make an open invitation to Chaz and whenever he wants me to, I will accompany him and support him when he goes to his 12 step meetings.

I hope anyone who needs help has the chance to find it in a safe warm environment that is conducive to their recovery.  Why anyone would want to hinder or stop that is beyond me.

Why this has become such an issue I don't know that either, so I will leave it alone.  

The next topic that finds its way to importance of our Commission is the removal of Caryl Berner from the DBHA because three Commissioners Weiss, Maurice, and Potter (all recently selected and appointed by Mayor Peggy Noland) went behind the DBHA Chairman's back (after he had already decided to give a second chance) and complained in their capacity as DBHA Commissioners to Mayor Noland.  Which if I am not mistaking breaks the exact same rules that they so eloquently condemn Berner for breaking.  They went before a board (via email) as Commissioners and discussed DBHA business without an prior to a vote being taken by the DBHA board, which is the exact same charge they are bringing against Caryl Berner.

Weiss himself forced the DBHA and staff to focus on answering the questions composed by a SOCIOPATH, Chaz Stevens, regarding an issue that staff and the DBHA Board and Executive Director was already in the process of answering HUD about it, making them duplicate their efforts and not conducting DBHA business, which caused inefficiency of the board, which can be read here, but the Mayor did nothing even when notified of it.  I guess because he is helping to carryout that nefarious agenda of her's and the City's it was forgivable and residents under the housing authority be damned.   

Most recently, after those same three DBHA Commissioners Weiss, Maurice, and Potter gang banged their way to forcing the DBHA to waste more time in passing a motion to request Commissioner Caryl Berner to resign a transcript of which is in the Commission's back-up to their agenda motion to boot Caryl off the DBHA Commission, which can be read here, I noticed something.  Chairman Emery, in his official capacity made his position abundent clear, at least to me.  


1. He was there only to help his people
2.The City helps with DBHA insurance for its staff

Hold-up, why is he now talking about insurance and how expensive it is and how the DBHA can't afford it an how grateful the DBHA is that the City is helping them with it even though they don't have to.

We know that obviously, the City Manager and Commissioners contacted Emery directly, per his statements, regarding the health Insurance for the DBHA staff.  

Now, I am just speculating here but do you think Burgess Hanson and the City of  Deerfield Beach may have threatened the DBHA board and staff with the lost of their Health insurance or other benefits through the City just to get them to remove Caryl Berner???  Again, I am just speculating but from what I hear from the City of Deerfield Beach workers it is not beyond belief.  Hell Burgess does it blatantly...remember during the first Union negotiations..he says from the DIAS,  "if we don't get these concessions there will be more layoffs". Now what employee would go against their employer hearing that with the very real chance that they will just mass layoff people, especially with the recent mass layoff of 106 people in the last year.

I am just saying that it is not hard for ME to believe that this is what happened to cause the Chairmen to go this route after previously advising of leniency.  It wouldn't surprise me that is the reason Pam, Hobbs, and Bennett left because of threats from the City of Deerfield Beach.  Again only would take a whistle-blower to prove brave soul that if they came forward and told their story, would find themselves under the protections of the governments whistle-blower laws...Anytakers???

Now, again while reading the transcript of the meeting...One could get the sense that Emery was not just talking about Caryl.  I got the sense that, although he mentions Caryl, that he was insinuating about the recent coup staged by Weiss, Maurice, and Potter forcing his hand in Berner Gate.  Like, I said earlier every accusation that he made against Caryl can be said of Weiss, Maurice, and Potter who went to the City Commissioners without DBHA approval to speak on DBHA matters.

Speaking of speaking of DBHA matters...when did announcing yourself as a private citizen and then advising   you are a member of a board who voted that you can't speak on certain topics so you wont...become a cause for removal.  It sounds to me that per the transcript of the meeting Caryl followed the rules.  However, Maurice, Potter, And Weiss did not and each respectively via email virtually went in front of a board as DBHA Commissioners and discussed unapproved DBHA business behind the back of the DBHA Chairmen.  Hell the email from Potter was so well written that she even advises us that prior to her email

At our last meeting of the DBHA BOC Chairman Emery brought up the specific examples of of harrassing staff and speaking on behalf of the DBHA without permission.  He declined to take action other than to warn that it must stop.  We all know that there is little hope of it stopping and therefore I ask the City Commission for some relief.  
Taking directly from DBHA Commissioner Sally Potter's email to  Mayor Peggy Noland petitioning for relief on behalf of the DBHA.
 Isn't that exactly what Chairman Emery is talking about, but no admonishment of these three usurpers of the Board's authority.  I say why get rid of one when it is obvious that these three with the backing of the Mayor and City have all but usurped teh power of the Chairman...If Emery doesn't have the backbone to stand up for the residents and DBHA staff like Pam Davis did against the tyranny of the Burgess Hanson and the City Commission then our City doesn't need him.  If the DBHA Staff is more concerned about their own personal health benefits than doing what is in the best interest of the residents they are paid to serve. then let the walk out too.  After reading the transcript of that meeting and several others it has become plainly obvious to me that the City has accomplished its stated goal of taking over the DBHA and control of all it's Federally funded wealth.  They didn't even do it under the table, they did it right in your faces and you allowed it.  We allowed it.  Like so many other things, we just sat there and allowed it.

Hopefully, Caryl Berner does not give in without a fight.  Make them prove you were inefficient and make the staff prove how you wasted their time as Commissioner Potter stated with "minor projects" she wanted implemented for the DBHA and the residents.  

Potter, Maurice, Weiss, Noland, Stevens, and anyone else in the City who agrees with this obvious witch hunt of "Lay Sister Zelda" aka Caryl Berner, the only Commissioner on the DBHA BOC that seems to actually go above and beyond for the residents because they actually care about the people, should all be ashamed of themselves.

If Caryl goes for breaking these rules, then Potter, Maurice, and definately Weiss need to go also.  These people are not good for the residents, they are not good for the DBHA, and most definately are not good for any Board of Commissioners.  

Fair is fair, hopefully Caryl realizes what is going on and brings this up at her inquisition tomorrow night.

I only wish I was in the there to speak on her behalf.  Deerfield's DBHA and the residents it serves will be losing a great Commissioner if the City's plan and Chaz Steven's plan is allowed to be completed.  

Those of you, who I know will be sitting in the audience who know this is wrong, if you sit and say nothing, then you are just as bad as these individuals persecuting Berner.  If you allow them to "burn" her it is only a matter of time before they are building the pyre for you and your group.

Your silence against this blatant injustice and misuse of power only prolongs your stay at the top, but it does lengthen your fall, which is inevitable.

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