Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deerfield Beach BSO Chief Sudler Accuses Blogger of Inciting Race War in Thetus Fleming Jr. Traffic Homicide Case

According to Chief Sudler of Deerfield Beach BSO, this blog and this blogger has been creating a racial divide in the City of Deerfield Beach in regard to the hit and run death of Thetus Fleming Jr.

According to Sudler, my comments pointing out the justice received by others in this City is helping to create the racial I am David Copperfield or somebody creating something that wasn't there...

I guess Al Capellini's lawyer, Dave Bogenschutz pointing out to Broward judges, that he contends that his client is being unfairly prosecuted because the State Attorney's office gave Brooks and Ritter got a slap on the wrist and they are trying to throw the book at him, which you can read about here.
I guess he is being divisive too. 
You can read about it what Al is referring to here and here.

Why is it when you point out the injustice and the disparity you are the one that they call you created the problem.  

Anyway, he went further to basically call me ignorant and say that he won't stoop to my level....WOW!!!

Now, I used to have the utmost respect for the guy, but now, but now...truth be told...I hope when the truth does come out about this case he loses his job.  He has changed my entire view of BSO in just a few words...

In the case that Sudler was referring to the facts as we know them are self-evident

All I have ever said is that the David Calderilla Alcocer the identified Driver (according to BSO's media release) 

-had a suspended license..easily verifiable and verified online...

-had pending cases in Broward...again verifiable and verified

-had a warrant and was picked up on it from Palm Beach County for Failure to Appear on 2/25/12 for unrelated charges...verifiable and verified

And the BSO identified driver left the scene, so he did not "stop and remain" and returned thirty minutes later (from the BSO media release) that is a first degree felony which they could arrest him for.

Where are the lies, Chief Sudler and BSO???

Why would the Deerfield Beach Chief of Police attack ME, in such a manner...instead of just put the truth out there like the Chief is doing over in Sanford.  Why waste the words to address this blog and the information that I am putting out there (which again is verifiable with a simple online search that a monkey could perform), instead of addressing the facts of the case that we already know...oh he can't because I already did that and he is now saying that those are lies, but because the "investigation is on-going" he can't really say anything.  

I don't get this whole game that BSO, the media, the City Commission, and City Staff are playing.  It would seem that it is more important for them to grandstand and perpetrate falsehoods, just to protect themselves.  

If you read this blog...then you already know that when I put in conjecture and hearsay I tell you...but the facts speak for themselves and I posted the links and evidence so you can see what I again why would BSO and the City of Deerfield Beach and some of it's nasty, spiteful, hateful and DISGUSTING residents play fast and loose with the truth and our fragile sensibilities for their personal gain.

For posting my opinion along with fact and providing links and support for my claims...I posted the links to the information and the pics and yet BSO Chief Sudler hiding behind the wall of "The investigation is on-going" basically said that I was somehow lying and trying to make this about race...

I am chastised by BSO and the City of Deerfield Beach and from all the stories that I have heard I am gonna be that more cautious in Broward County...

Now I may be biting off more than I can chew with this and thankfully no one has threatened me yet...but rest assured I am on notice and will cross the street legally, use all my turn signals, hell I will even use hand signals.  Seeing all the BSO that were there tonight glaring at me and Chief Sudler indicating that what I supposedly did is an insult to all who wear the uniform...I can admit that I am a lil scared, which is a shame.  I have never been afraid of the police in my 32 years, even as a young black male I have always tried to inspire others to learn the law so that the police will not be able to hurt you if you aren't doing anything wrong, but now after last night I don't think like that.  I am now afraid!!!

BSO Chief Sudler's tirade against me and my blog caused a woman in the audience to turn to me and she quite angrily said aloud "disgusting", twice. (You can hear it in the tape of the meeting)

She then followed that up by calling me "BOY".

Then we had back and forth banter, which lead Peggy Noland to then tell Sudler to have ME removed if I kept talking because I was advising that woman that I was not her "BOY" and was Standing my ground (no pun intended) against the blatant attack on me and this blog by Chief Sudler, which lead one woman to call me "BOY"...

I am even more perturbed because last year when Bill Ganz called me "lover of pedophiles" and was joined in the chorus by his cohort Chaz Stevens...people in public begin to call me that and I was even spit rightfully so I already know all to well the power they have and the destruction they can cause...

So I only have one thing left to say and that is WOW!!!

I emailed Sudler and said "WELL PLAYED!"

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