Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Former Mayor, Jean Robb, Ask City of Deerfield Beach to Con$ider Election Change Because "It Just Makes CENTS!"

According to the April 22, 2012 edition of the Sun Sentinel, Margate switched from March to November elections to save money by piggybacking on regularly scheduled county, state, and federal elections. 

The incumbents will serve until March. 

Whoever is elected by the voters in November will have 4 months to wait in the wings. 
It would stand to reason that this 4 month wait time gives the newly elected officials a chance to observe and learn the political process and the inner workings of their positions before being "thrown to the wolves" and "diving right in" to issues.   
It also gives them a chance to fully research and be brought up to speed on current issues that are facing their cities.  i am sure we all remember when Ben Preston won the Special Election in Deerfield Beach and the City was in the process of voting on the Utility Tax and BSO mergeand he stated that basically overnight he had to rush to review the information (which in Preston terms means...City Staff told him what it was about and how to vote).  That should never happen because it is the job of the elected officials to take suggestions from Staff, but they should be researching the information themselves and forming their own opinions on what is in the best interest of the residents. 

Margate joins Sunrise, Tamarac, Hallendale, Hollywood, Lauderhill, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Parkland, Southwest Ranches,Weston, and Wilton Manors , all of whom have scheduled elections for 11-6-12. 

Time is of the essence if Deerfield wishes to make the change. An ordinance to that effect would have to be placed on the May 1st agenda. The city has nothing to lose by making the change. It would guarantee a greater turn-out and be cost effective.

So, basically if the City of Deerfield Beach officials and staff are truly concerned about being fiscally responsible than this is an option to save us major bucks...which they could in turn use to help pay back that $1.65 Million Dollar repayment to FEMA or utilize to promote pedestrian/bicyclist/motovist safety throughout the City.
I would like to thank former Mayor Jean Robb for continuously coming up with ways to save our City and therefore the taxpayers money when it comes to running our municipality.  If only the re-classified, highly trained, highly educated, highly paid, and highly arrogant City Staff would do that and we may not be in the financial situation we are in.

Robb's thirteen years of experience as Mayor of Deerfield Beach really shows through when she fights for the residents against the despotic actions of the current seated Commissioners and City Manager, Burgess Hanson.  

So, I am asking everyone to contact their respective Commissioners and Mayor, Peggy Noland and ask that an agenda item putting forth an ordinance to move the next years elections from March to November 2012 along with the   General election (Presidential election), it will save the City major sheckles in this time of financial hardship when the City, according to the Commissioners and City Staff, can't afford to take care of minor details, like residential road re-stripping, street lights, road re-paving, and other issues because of falling property tax revenue.  

It just makes CENTS!!!

Call Deerfield Beach City Hall at 954-480-4263 and let your elected officials and City Manager know that  they should consider this cost saving action.

Email them at and City Manager at

and say "It Just Makes Cents!"

*Italicized comments are those of this blog and do not represent the information provided by Jean Robb.

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