Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chaz Stevens Must Love Caryl Berner DBHA Housing Authority Commissioner

Okay, something new but old.

Chaz Stevens aka "the Puppet Master" has a hard-on to exact his revenge on Caryl Berner.  From name calling, threats of lawsuits, and now continued cyberbullying. 

Chaz who spent years attacking the DBHA, which he claimed victory when the ex-Director resigned and moved to Jacksonville.  Now he i trying to place blame on Caryl Berner that somehow her personality caused the Pam Davis to flee Deerfield Beach.

Chaz is now blaming Caryl for causing the new director to have a mental breakdown..

Chaz is now blaming Caryl for crashing the Section 8 program...

Now I have been involved with Deerfield Beach politics for over a year now and I haven't met a harder worker and a more dedicated person than Caryl Berner.  She takes her position as DBHA Commissioner seriously because she takes the people who the DBHA is supposed to help seriously and their community.  Others claim to have the people's best interest at heart, but in truth it is obvious to all of us inside and outside of District 2 that an agenda has been prepared and A puppet has been sat on the DBHA to be the hand of the Commission and Stevens.

If you really cared about the people involved with the DBHA wouldn't you go to community meetings in that area...Caryl Berner does.

If you really cared about the people wouldn't you know at least 10 of their names and their situation...Caryl does

If you really cared about the people would you not make it your goal to ask the people what they want and then listen to them...Caryl does

Or would you ignore the people in need and only listen to outside voices who only need these people to get Federal funds so they can spend it on their masters agenda...Mike Weiss/Deerfield Beach Commission/Timothy Chaz Stevens.

Hell, many of the people that DBHA help can't even get ELECTED or APPOINTED  OFFICIALS to contact them in their time of need, like when their son is tragically killed in a hit and run accident.  So for anyone to quote said Elected Official as an authority on District 2 would be fool hardy.  I bet even he couldn't name 10 people outside his and Beulah's circle that reside in D2.  

That same Elected Official along with the other 4 and City Staff didn't even attend the City of Deerfield Beach sponsored Black Heritage banquet and he's black, yet Caryl did.  

So what does that tell you...It speaks volumes to me!!! 

District 2 can't help Caryl win Marty's seat, so what is her deal.  Why does she continually volunteer her time to help the neediest of our community, why does she continually speak out against injustice perpetrated against D2 and those needy people by the Commission and City of Deerfield Beach staff.  

Unless she is a mastermind/genius working some hidden agenda it would appear that she genuinely cares and has the peoples best interest at heart...However, it is readily apparent that Mike Weiss, Chaz Stevens, along with the Deerfield Beach Commissioners and the Mayor do not.

The point is Caryl tries to make a difference in the lives of the all the people that the DBHA helps and that is clearly demonstrated by her actions and now she is being railroaded by Peggy Noland and KLAN just because they don't want someone who actually cares about the people on the DBHA Commission.  

Hell, I don't think they want anyone who actually cares about the people to have any authority in the City of Deerfield Beach because that would ruin their master plans.

Chaz and Mike are calling for the removal of Caryl Berner from the DBHA, saying that she is standing in the way of Mike Weiss who is acting not in the best interest of people served by the DBHA, but by the people outside who want to wield the power of the DBHA to their own will.  People outside who probably think Stanley Terrace is some junky over in the black neighborhood, instead of the DBHA Public Housing Complex that Caryl herself walks through and actually speaks to the residents and learns their wants, cares, and needs and tries to help.

Sounds to me like, Caryl is exactly the kind of person that should be on the board and/or the dais...because anything less than that is an injustice to the people and does a disservice to the community.

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