Tuesday, April 10, 2012

City of Deerfield Beach to Consider "Berner Gate" request by Three DBHA Commissioners

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Wow!!!  So it turns out that I was wrong in the City of Deerfield Beach's "Berner Gate".  

What is "Berner Gate"?

Berner Gate is the phrase that I have coined to refer to the City of Deerfield Beach's Mayor, along with the Commission, Management, and Staff's third attempt to remove one of the most caring and passionate Commissioners from the DBHA board, Caryl Berner.

One has to ask why is it that only the three newly Noland/Ganz appointtees are pointing fingers and whining about Caryl Berner.

Oh before I forget...I was wrong because I thought the "whining" letters came from *Chaz Stevens (because Joe Miller stated at the last meeting that the letters where from two current Commissioners and an *ex-commissioner), Chaz's henchman Mike Weiss, and Die-Hard Ganz Supporter Joan Maurice.  Well, I got two of the three right, but the third according to a recently released prr from the City of Deerfield Beach shows that the third was none other than Sally Potter.  So, the rookie commissioners all appointed by Noland last year are the ones complaining and citing statutes that one could probably make a case  to boot them from the board as well.  Except they are saying that Caryl should be booted because she asked for things to help the DBHA and because she defended the staff of the DBHA against blatant and unfounded attacks by Chaz Stevens, but referred to them as "her staff"...

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Well news flash Potter, she is correct.  As a DBHA Commissioner they are her staff, your staff, Maurice's staff, and even Weiss staff...this is what you are whining about.

Suck it up!!  I thought you owned your own must be a daycare because you three along with Mayor Noland and Chaz Stevens are acting like two year olds.

I supported your appointment and even praised you, which goes to show that everything that glitters ain't gold.

Have any of you thought to say...hmmm, ask the residents what they feel about the two years that Caryl has spent on the DBHA or is this just some personal vendetta of the Mayor and Stevens so it will make a good quip if Caryl was to run for District Three her opponents can use it against her.

The fact that the emails didn't come from the Chairman of the DBHA, Keith Emery, should be enough to say we are not moving ahead with this.  

Isn't this like a coup or something being perpetrated by Weiss, Potter, and Maurice against the DBHA Chairman's wishes???

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But Mayor Noland is on a mission and she is gonna get you Caryl and your little Commission seat, too

I am so sick of all these childish games...and Maggi had the nerve to call me "BOY!" and then defend it by stating I was not acting like a man...and therefore a "BOY!"

Well hello Maggi...the lady you sit two seats down from at every commission meeting and your other cronies are behaving as children....

Do you call Chaz Stevens and Mike Weiss "BOYS!"???  

The Deerfield Beach political scene has become such a horrid place!   Not saying it used to better, but saying that government should not be run in this fashion, locally or federally.  Actually that is what this reminds me of..the manner in which the GOP is sandbagging and road blocking all of the efforts by the US President in preparation of the 2012 election..I guess that s what the Commission has been doing here in Deerfield Beach, residents be damned.

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I am already sure that the "kangaroo court" that we call the Deerfield Beach City Commission has already convened and made up their minds about Berner and will move forward with this inquisition and "witch hunt"...truth and fairness be damned...typical for this commission and this City.

Caryl you know something if they do get rid of you...on the kids fancy of Potter's, Maurice's, Weiss's, Steven's, and Noland' can continue to help the less fortunate people by starting a blog of your own and detailing the triteness, nepotism, cronisim, favoritism, that goes on in Deerfield BEach.

I would file a lawsuit if I were you...I think this is the most lawsuit prone City in Florida and most of the lawsuits the public doesn't even know about.

We have elected liars, cronies, puppets, thieves, and thugs on the dias...we are getting what we deserve.

I have changed my mind I will post the emails.  They didn't even have the decency to send signed letters for their childish request.

If this does move forward who will want to be on any City of Deerfield Beach, let alone the DBHA Board if it is this easy to get booted off of a volunteer board...if all that is required is for Mayoral handpicked cronies to single you out and you are gone, just because you are passionate about helping the people and don't bow down to their will...I guess none of the City's board's will be populated by people with common sense only droids of the City.

Noland, Ganz, Stevens, Weiss, Potter, and Maurice your little Jedi mind trick is not working on this blogger...the above are the droids I am looking for...and you should all be ashamed.

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