Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chaz Stevens: Anti-American, Anti-Woman, Anti-Everyone is Bad for America, but Perfect for Al Qaeda Secretary of Public Relations

If you go to , which is the business website of one Timothy “Chaz” Stevens, you will find all sorts of information.  The information that we will be discussing today is located at the bottom of the page and states the following:

“Copyright 1995-2011.  All Rights Reserved.  Zproductions is the online portfolio of Chaz Stevens – a guy who’s passionate about humanity, civil liberties…. “

Let’s take a look at this statement.

First Zproductions- I wonder if this is the same Zproductions who processed unauthorized charges on a certain young lady’s credit card.  The same young lady, who as it would seem, is very frightened of Chaz Stevens, so much so that she filed for a restraining order against him, which was granted and he later broke by processing unauthorized credit charges onto her Bank of America checking account debit/credit card, amongst other things.  

Excerpt from Court filings in the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, in and for Palm Beach County in
Case No. DA 03 2772 FZ  10/30/2003

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See the evidence :

1 of several charges Chaz allegedly attempted, fraudently, causing his female victim to have to close her account

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The result:

Arrested for violating an order of protection against Domestic Violence.

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So this criminal, who is a self-proclaimed humanitarian and states that he is passionate about civil liberties.  Well actions speak louder than words my friends!  What is this guys actions telling you??????

Oh, the blackmail...

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Excerpt from Chaz Stevens' letter to his female victim dated June 13, 2003 and included as evidence in case concerning Chaz Stevens' Domestic Violence  issue.

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So, Chaz Stevens black-mailed, exploited, intimidated,, frightened, and coerced this poor woman into submitting to his demands.  We can tell this from her very empassioned plea to the Courts, all she wanted was for Timothy "Chaz" Stevens to stop with his terrorist tactics, stalking, and manipulating and leave her and her son alone, so they could "move on and live a life without fear".

Now, is this someone you want on any City Board or anywhere near anyones kids in Deerfield Beach or the Western Hemisphere.  If he's not good enough for our kids, he sure is not good enough for our City.  Call your elected representative (unfortunately District 2 has none at the moment and we are seating on the sidelines of the political process until July 19, 2011) and let them know that this true criminal and enemy to woman and Democracy everywhere should stay as far away from our City Boards, sons, daughters, mothers, voters as possible.  If appointed to any City Board Chaz Stevens may try and enact some form of Anti-Woman, Anti-Gay, Anti-American Legislation during one of hate filled temper tantrums.  America does not deserve Chaz Stevens, please send him to any number of Country's populated with the Taliban who would appreciate the Chaz Stevens Anti-Woman/Anti-American Agenda.

Oh, I know, with Bin Laden out of the way, Al Qaeda has an opening.  With Chaz Stevens Anti-Woman and alleged Domestic Violence past behavior and agenda, plus the tons of Anti-American rhetoric floating around on your blog, you would be a shoe in for his position or at the very least Secretary for Al Qaeda Public Relations:

"No wait, strike that.   That's not the right point.   That's just an utterly ridiculous idea.   The noisy douche bags in District #2 have NO RIGHT OF REPRESENTATION.   They gave up those rights by re-electing Sylvia Poitier.   Okay.   She was going to vote no.  We get it.   Now shut up, grab a bagel, and give each other a handy."  

The above is just an one example of the many Chaz Stevens' Anti American sentiments.  I wonder if Joyce Kaufman and Bill Ganz know that their friend has these Anti-American, Anti-Women, Anti-Human inclinations and tendencies.  I bet they do!

Oh and after the jump (into that river he's crying over there on MAOS)...I'll be discussing how no amount of donation will wipe the record of what you did clean.  I just wish that poor woman who was victimized by Chaz Stevens (according  to Chaz Stevens arrest record and domestic violence case) would come forward and tell her story.  A person like Chaz Stevens should not be allowed to speak freely.  Oh, I'm sorry as an American citizen you are guaranteed that right.  It's just to bad the City of Deerfield Beach, Chaz Stevens and others have chosen to ignore that gloriously aged piece of paper, that we true Americans call the Constitution,  when it comes down to the rights of the residents of District 2.

So, with that I'm done with it!  Happy Memorial Day, Bill Ganz and Chaz Stevens.

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