Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am gonna keep this one short and sweet.

District 2 needs to have an open dialogue with our police department.  I personally believe that this would help with case resolution.  If a people are afraid and mistrusting of those who are sworn to protect them, no good will ever come of that relationship.  

People would be more forthcoming with information that could help in any/all cases, if they had more trust in the authority figures.

Until that trust is earned, the schism between BSO and District 2 will remain and grow larger.  Witnesses will continue to avoid helping the police solve crimes and individuals with pertinent information will continue to keep it to themselves.

So, the question becomes does BSO and the community truly care about solving some of the cases here and do they care to make the community safer for not only the residents, but for the police who serve it.

I for one would love to see my community have a working relationship with the police that roam our streets.  I think we do need more community liaison officers, this would give the people a familiar face that they may feel more comfortable divulging information, to.  At least in the interim, while a relationship based on mutual respect is developed between our communities and the Police, instead of this one that we have which for the most part is based on fear and loathing.

I challenge everyone to watch the movie "Cornbread, Earl, and Me" starring a young Lawrence Fishburne and tell me if you recognize anything.  A simple mistake by police that lead to several tragedies in a black neighborhood and all could have been avoided if there was more trust and respect between the community and the police.  

To all my BSO friends and readers.  It has to be a reciprocal relationship...respect goes both ways and protocols do not negate simple human respect.


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