Saturday, May 28, 2011

David Cody to Chaz Stevens, Let's Dance!

Let's Dance

To the drummers beat: cause , I've got rhythm, I've got music,... who could ask for anything more!

Now, I know I said I wasn't going to engage Chaz Stevens in a war of words and threats, but how long could I seat idly by while he falsely calls me a pedophile lover, pedophile supporter (probably on the behest of a certain elected official, no doubt.  Who by-the-way, has yet to respond or apologize to me, but that's okay).  

I have been accosted in stores and the streets with people calling me pedophile and one person spit at me, while calling me a child molester because of what that Bill Ganz stated in either blissful ignorance or in a blatant attempt to present a false fact, and play on the fears and sensibilities of good honest American Citizens and for his buddy Chaz Stevens to drive the point home, which he did.  

Either way, it's false and unlike Chaz I have no record of any kind.  I take the care and well being of children very seriously and there is a reason that Westside Park has not had any incidents of children being molested.  That is because for 15 years the Packer Rattlers has been one of the only volunteer organizations to do a mandatory background check, with an implemented appeals policy.  The City won't tell you that, Bill Ganz won't tell you that, Chaz Stevens won't tell you that.  

Chaz Stevens, made reference to Steve Feagin and I, well, I had no clue who Steve Feagin was until Mr. Stevens brought the name up.  (To take a page from Bill Ganz) I was in school (DBMS and DBHS ), so forgive me for not paying attention to what was happening in Illinois in 1993 and 1995.  Plus, I was not in S. Florida when that individuals more recent incident occurred. I still couldn't tell you who he is, if he passed me in the streets right now.

So, again I ask you to play fairly and only speak in truth when it concerns me and I will do the same for you.  So, you have my permission if you want to call me fat, go ahead.  If you want to call me Fat Albert, Troll, Conspiracy Theorist, Stupid, A$$clown, whatever you heart and mind desire, go ahead.  I will not even acknowledge you because that is beneath me.  However, when you and your pallies start messing with, infringing upon, and violating the rights of American citizens then I am going to get angry and respond.  Especially, when you are spouting off blatantly false conjecture and horrific lies that were obviously orchestrated by a certain individual to demean my character, then I will respond.  I will respond with all the truth under heaven.  Nothing I have said is false, nothing I have done is wrong, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and left you alone not even mentioning you even though you said some nasty things about me, but I laughed at most.  I like to laugh and make jokes.  Some of the things you said was pretty funny and me and my friends got a big chuckle out of it.  However, when you and Bill started to insinuate that I was in any shape or form in some kind of sex offender supporter or even involved with a sex offender organization that is where the line has to be drawn.   

Yes, two wrongs don't make a right, but since the truth shall set me free.  I told the truth about you to combat the lies you and Bill have spread about me.   So, I have no regrets or qualms about what I did.  I do feel sorry that it possibly came at the expense of an innocent woman who just wanted to be left alone to live her life without fear from you and here we are because of you her life is back in the spot light.  So, if you want to blame someone blame yourself.  You wanted attention, now you got it!  So, you can tell your friend to email me, take a picture, write a note, leave a post-it, whatever they feel is necessary. I'm prayed up and geared up if a battle ensues because no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

But to you, I offer you this, since you are so enamored with yourself and require the constant attentions of the public, the news media, and government.  I extend a chance for you to get just that.

How about a Dance Contest? Silliest moves win and then we can shake hands and agree to disagree and both continue our journeys through the blogosphere along this hard and arduous road providing different perspectives on events in this, our City.  I offered this to you, Jeff, Bett, and Wayne and to no avail.  I understand you don't know how to take me and thats good.  But that doesn't mean we can't all work together for the betterment of this City.  

The choice is yours.  You can armor up and attack me with everything you got (from this point forward maybe you'll try and keep it somewhere at least in the realm of truth and we can have our disagreements and still be cordial.  

So, I offer you this olive branch, again... Let's Dance!

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