Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deerfield Beach's Berner Gate Swings Open and Hits Mayor Peggy Noland and Commissioners, Where the Good Lawd Split em'...

Have you seen the City of Deerfield Beach Commission Agenda for tonight???

If you haven't then I suggest that you check it out here, under "Written Request".

I will just say, because I don't want to ruin your surprise if you have been keeping up with "Berner Gate", is that you may want to tune in or be there in person.

I will just say that three certain members of the DBHA BOC dropped some names to help the City and Chaz Stevens enact their revenge on Caryl Berner and the DBHA and thus take controlling interest in that entity.

Well, those names heard about it...

They requested to speak at tonight's Commission meeting and from what I hear, from those individuals, is that they will be setting the record straight...

From my conversations with people..the little tales told by the "Three Amigos" at the last meeting, were just that "TALES" or should I say FABLES...  

Oh hell, I will just call it what they were...LIES!LIES!LIES!

I am not the least bit shocked though.  

The Three Amigos are tied to possibly the most corrupt and delusional elected officials in Deerfield Beach history and one of the most Notorious Sociopath and Delusional character in the history of his own mind and backyard.

Mike Weiss=Chaz Stevens

Sally Potter=Peggy Noland

John Maurice=Bill Ganz

Must Deerfield Beach Suffer Liars and Fools Much Longer???

Well, I wish I could be there tonight to bear witness to whatever happens and to hear the explanations of these people.

We already know that Mike Weiss has lied to Commissioner Ben Preston's face...when he advised Commissioner Preston, during the appointment process, that he didn't know Chaz Stevens.  But we all know how that turned out...

I wonder why Ben Preston never made a big deal out of that.  I know I hate being lied to.  I guess the letter Joe Langlois wrote about Preston was true...he really doesn't ig for facts...He likes to be spoon fed!!!

2015 is how far out???  Well, although we have to wait a while to get rid of him...we only have to March of next year to get rid of the rest of the bad seeds who have destroyed our City.  Noland, Ganz, Popelsky, Hanson, Klopp, and a host of others that could care less about the City of Deerfield Beach and only care about what they can scalp from it.

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