Friday, September 9, 2011

"Burnin" Through My Perspective of Deerfield Beach

 recently received a comment from a reader, where I was advised that they perceived that this blog "waste most of its post" going back and forth in a "little kids argument", abusing Chaz Stevens.  Which is true, I did waste of lot of post ( 27 of 209 post) going back and forth with him in a little kids argument, but the last point about me abusing Chaz, PLEASE!!!.  This individual went further and advised me that if I continued in that manner I would be just like Chaz and be more of a hindrance to the community than a help and I would not have energized anyone and thereby failed to meet my outlined goal(s), of this blog, to energize my community.  

Well I was going to post a final comment to said individual, but when I finished it I realized if one person felt that way, maybe others did too.  Plus, it was to long for a comment.  So this post is for all those individuals out there that feel the way that individual feels and had a "burnin" desire to let me know.
Well, my intent is not to seem like him and I know no matter what I do there will be a segment of readers that will portray me as whatever to those that haven't read this blog. I do think the words speak for themselves, though. It's up to individuals to stop allowing themselves to be spoon fed and get the information for themselves, as I did and do. But, you are right and the last thing that I want is to seem like. However I understand that sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and in the case of Chaz Stevens that is exactly what I did. Operative words there "what I did" (And will continue to do, when necessary). I do want to point out however that there are only about 27 post about Chaz out of 209, so he is not the primary focus of this blog. How you came to that conclusion I have no idea, but hey it's your perception. Why would I, of all people, knock you for it.
This blog says what people are thinking and are to afraid to say and ask the questions that people are to scared to ask. I don't sugar coat anything and I understand that many people can't handle that kind of "rawness". This is not my problem it is theirs and it is not my desire or goal to appease these people. My goal is to energize those who will be energized, inform those who will be informed, and educate those that will be educated. For anyone else they can continue to read the Sun-Sentinel, the Observer, and most other media outlets owned by big business and not get the whole truth or for the most part any truth at all when it comes to the CODB government or government in general, which is the literary equivalent of "drinking the kool-aid". I want people to get the information and think for themselves, an equivalent of taking the "red pill", which is why I also post links to the information, so people can come to their own conclusions. I don't try and force anything on people. I give you the info and/or my perceived questions and let them do what they will. From the emails and response that I get in the streets (outside of your comments) I think I am doing a decent job for a beginner. I do take the critique and will try and improve that which I deem necessary to improve.  I want to take this time to thank all those individuals who have taken the red pill and followed me down the rabbit hole.  (Matrix reference, not Lewis Carroll)
Honestly, my community and youth that read my blog have become aware of what is going on in this City and if you haven't noticed there has been a change at City Hall and Commission Meetings. I am not taking credit for it, but I would like to think that this blog has at least a little something to do with it as people are becoming more aware and actually speaking out. The residents are getting fed up and so they are speaking out in a manner that has never happened before in the CODB. I will let you in on a secret (well mantra/motto/creed/whatever) that has motivated me since the beginning of this journey. 
When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
- Thomas Jefferson
Words to live by and aspire to in Deerfield Beach and the thing that strikes fear in every government/ruling class/and religious deity since the beginning of time is an educated and informed citizenry. 
That is my goal, for CODB to have an educated and informed citizenry!!!
I do appreciate your feedback and thank you for making me aware of your perception of me and providing me with the heads up.


  1. I guess I should say "thanks" for devoting a whole blog towards the comments I had left on one of your other blogs. My intention was not to insult, but to show how some of your posts (not just on here) can be lumped in with what and whom you are fighting, and the big picture gets lost. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about "fighting fire with fire", because I do not live that way. I fight the good fight the way it is supposed to be fought regardless what gets thrown at me. Two wrongs never make a right. Keep working hard for Deerfield, and let them see people can rise above it all when it is said and done.

    Thanks again,

  2. You are very welcome! I did not get offended, well maybe a little bit, but I wanted to make sure that no one took those comments and begin thinking that I primarily focus on Chaz, which is not true or that I was imitating or emulating him. This blog you have to take for the sum of its parts, not the individual post. I do hope that from this post you and all others understand a little more about me and what I am trying to accomplish here in Deerfield Beach. I will continue to work hard for the betterment of my City, so thank you for the encouragement.


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