Thursday, September 22, 2011

Complaint(s) Filed By Concerned Citizens of the City of Deerfield Beach

Below is email correspondence between the City Attorney, Andrew Maurodis, and a concerned citizen regarding the withholding of public records by the City's Clerk office at the behest of the City Manager (This is purely speculation, so far).   An investigation is requested by the citizen to look into this matter, a suggestion that all citizens should support.  We as citizens should be able to expect full transparency from our elected officials and the people they have selected to run our city.

So I am appealing to every citizen in Deerfield Beach to contact your elected representative and ask them to begin an investigation into these allegations.  it would also be prudent to file a formal complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission by downloading and completing the form located here.  You can also find out more information by visiting the Florida Ethics Commission's website.

Hello Andrew,
After last nights meeting I feel its time to proceed with a  formal complaint  against the city is in order.
The city through the City manager's office and the City Clerk's office, has obviously with held information pertaining to any changes in salaries  with management.
I like many have requested this information as you Andrew well know. I clearly indicated this to you in recent emails.
I feel that the head of the Clerks office along with the City Manager has broken general guidelines set in State, City and County statutes, and should be removed from their jobs during this investigation.
They have purposely with held this information from the public, taking away again our right of questioning any numbers line by line on the budget. They knowingly and intentionally withheld this information from the citizens of Deerfield Beach.
I would like you to take the necessary steps  as you explained to me in an earlier email of how the process works.
I have CC, my commissioner as well as others that represent us to let them also be aware of what is going on. I am also CC Pam Bondie, the State Attorneys office about this.
As a resident of Deerfield Beach all of you know its not only my right but it is also my responsibility to question those that run our city.
I would like you Andrew to review my complaint and follow the process you stated in an earlier email. I look for your early reply on this.
Thank you,John Grassi

Broward County has established the Office of Inspector General under John Scott to look into allegations of government corruption and mis-dealings.  They have a corruption hotline, which individuals can contact at  954-357-TIPS (8477) to report incidents of gross mismanagement and/or misconduct.

Official complaints can be filed, as well, and must be signed. Get the form online, plus more information about the new office, at

I suggest to the numerous individuals who I know submitted public records request for this very same information, such as the gentlemen above did, to submit an email or make a phone call to the Inspector General detailing this incident.  This will send a clear and concise message to our City that we want and deserve a city government that is crystal clear and transparent.  We are tired of the corruption here in Deerfield Beach!  

We've had the smoke and we can sense the fire, so we want transparency.

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