Thursday, September 29, 2011

Citizens Demand Accountability and an Investigation into the City of Deerfield Beach for the 3.9 Million Dollar 2011 FEMA OIG AUDIT Payback ...

Ok, so I have been reading the other blogs around town and I see on that guys blog is talk about the DBHA. This supposed "Corruption Super-Zero" wants the public to spend all their attention on the DBHA, which is fine and necessary, but with the City of Deerfield Beach possibly intentionally withholding information concerning a FEMA OIG AUDIT resulting in the taxpayers having to foot the bill for City Staff and Commission error and mismanagement to the tune of over 3.9 Million Dollars I think I am more concerned about transparency at City Hall.

Now, as I write this I can see his headlines now saying something to the affect that this is a red herring to avert the "publics" attention from Pam Davis and the DBHA.  Well, the Federal Government under the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is investigating this thanks to the efforts of Allen West.  

So,  maybe Allen West, Kristin Jacobs, Gwyn Clarke-Reed, Alcee Hastings, Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio, and all other elected officials will come to the aid of the general public and his constituency here in Deerfield Beach and ask for an investigation into the 3.9 Million Dollars that the City of Deerfield Beach, most likely mis-appropriated, at least according to the 2011 FEMA OIG AUDIT, which is available here.

The main thing now I think and this is the main reason I believe that an audit of all of City of Deerfield Beach functions, departments, and staff is needed is because the City Manager along with the Mayor and Commissioners has scared all of us into thinking that the City is broke and facing very hard economic times.  With this slip up of not notifying the public of this possible payback it is only natural for the residents to be concerned with how the City is spending our tax dollars, especially since many of the taxpayers are already facing the very real realities of downsizing, cutbacks, layoffs, pay-cuts, and unemployment which make living in this double dip recession hard enough without having the added increase in financial pressure and strain that will come with the 10% Utility tax.  The residents and voters seem to understand this, which is why so many signed the rescind the utility tax petitions and have rallied with the "Kill the Tax" crowd.  The citizens can feel that something is going on and that the information and reasoning behind this imposition of the 10% Utility Tax is not sound and/or "Fair".  They understand this so well that when they hear the BS train steaming towards us from the DIAS, they get up and walk out of the way (i.e. walk out of the Commission Meetings).  These individuals, including myself, only want one thing and that is comfort in the knowledge that our Commission and City Staff are upfront, honest, and most importantly that if they are going to bleed us dry and rob us blind that the money is spent in a fiscally responsible way that will benefit "ALL" the citizens and not just go paying back for City errors and Staff mistakes, especially when the City Manager sees fit to provide substantial raises and re-classifications in this time of the City's financial crisis.

I for one would like some comfort in knowing that the City has internal controls in place to ensure that these types of mishaps do not occur any further and that our hard earned tax dollars are being spent prudently, wisely, and responsibly.  This type of comfort can only come from a City government that is transparent and responsive to its residents.  At this point in Deerfield Beach history, I think it is safe to say that our City is neither of those things and it`s time that "WE", as residents and taxpayers, demand that our City become those things.  Then and only then can the City of Deerfield Beach actually become a model for other cities to aspire to.

So, this is a call to all residents, visitors, time-sharers, and passer-bys to speak out and speak out loudly so the Mayor, Commissioners, and City Staff can hear us and let them know that we want a municipal government that we can trust and be proud of.  We are willing to work with the City, as the Commission ask, but they have to be open and honest with us.  They have to realize that the citizens are the priority, not the problem.  We foot the bill for their actions and any mis-management, misappropriation, and/or misrepresentations will no longer be tolerated.  We need to call for an immediate audit and investigation into this matter of the FEMA Audit, so those employees and individuals that are truly responsible for this crisis and are still employed with the City are held accountable and are not sitting back collecting fat check$ at the ultimate expense of the taxpayer.  Now that would be fair!!!

To take a phrase from Burgess, Bill and the gang when they refer to adding the utility tax so we do not rely so heavily on property taxes:

There is no need to put the eggs in any of the City's basket(s) when those baskets are being managed by FOXES, salivating at the chance to rob, pillage, and plunder them until "WE" the residents and tax payers have nothing and are left holding the proverbial, well,"Basket/BAG"

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