Monday, September 5, 2011

Stewards of Our Money: An Email from a Concerned Citizen to a City of Deerfield Beach City Commissioner

This is an email entitled "Stewards of our Money"  from a concerned citizen, John Grassi, to District 1 City Commissioner Joe Miller.  I am hoping that more people will become concerned and begin asking questions.  For far to long has pur City been allowed to operate in darkness and now that things are coming to light and having the light shone on them from regular citizens like me, John, Jean, Steve, and even Chaz...the City is starting to play hardball by even looking into the possibility of negating the will of the citizens by taking legal action to protect their wrong decisions.  All paid for by the same citizens they are trying to negate and leave out of the political arena of Deerfield Beach. 

I hope we see more letters to all of the Commissioners and City's Staff asking for answers on these very important issues.

Stewards of our Money

Hello Joe,

1.) It is plain outright outrageous to learn that the city after cutting salaries, has the nerve to play any games with the pay scale for upper management in order to give them a raise. A matter of fact not only are they still being paid to much, but if the Fire Department is out, then realistically they should all have less work from an administrative point of view and this should be depicted in their salaries.
2.) We have learned from many that the base of the Cove parking lot has not been done to code, further that you all know about this and have since the bidding. If that is the case you are putting the whole city at risk, where because of the delays and problems that could further arise ,  due to possible outright ignorance and gross negligence, small business's could possibly come after our city for a loss of business. This also holds true with the Hilsboro Blvd. I would like to know whats going on here?
3.) Keven Klopp spending nearly $10,000 for redecorating an office - what a croc!. $2,000 for a decorator as well as $3300 for painting his office. GREAT JOB again with our money!!
4.) The tree's along Hillsboro Blvd - $11,000 for a tree?
5.) Last year if you look back when they raised the millage - Joe you clearly advised that if we could move it lower you would do this. Well they indicated in the last couple of meetings that  with the Utilities tax they would be taking in $500,000 less - in that case if the Utility tax is rescinded does that mean we can also lower the millage to compensate for that 500k that you have indicated to be to much? Or will that be hidden with all the ham that already has been?
6.) A while back you learned  that I had an apartment in a complex and frankly spoke with me about it and then asked me not to say anything about this to the city. My question is - were you using your position in government - why would you ask me not to bring this up? I do know since you have been in office that if we were to look into it that your trucks are much more visible then before. Further if we looked into it I believe we would see that many companies in our area have moved their business to you, not before being in this position but after. I have been told that you have gone to many of these business's or has clearly indicated that when you are  meeting these business's as a commissioner or vise versa that you definitely use your position. Can you clearly advise if this is the case?

* How do you expect us to have faith in what is going on within our city when we hear of all these issues and nothing being done about it while crying that we do not have money for the kids soccer or baseball and so on.
I would like to know what is truly going on here in Deerfield Beach?????
John Grassi 

It's time the residents/tax and City Employee salary payers take back our City and demand that the elected officials and City staff hear and consider our concerns.  They are always talking about what is fair and working together, but at every turn they treat us unfairly and then leave us out of the decision making process.  We have to hold these hypocrites accountable, fore if not we face the same financial future as the residents of Lauderdale Lakes.  Don't think it can't happen here, because it can and if you go back and look at the past events of that City you will see shocking comparisons (so you have homework).

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